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Never To Late Essay

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Many older students are making their way back to school

The number of older, more “nontraditional” college students are growing. These students say that maturity and life experience give them a clear advantage in the college classroom, and many advisors agree.

No matter how old or young one is; it is never too late to start working toward an educational goal in becoming a college graduate! Remember the dream within us sits waiting to spread forth and become a reality. It is only the lack of belief in ourselves that stops us from achieving those things with the heart, and it is only through our own understanding, ability and perseverance that we see them become realities. Until then, they are little more than visions in a crystal ball, with no chance of development.

Some would-be students believe it is too difficult to pursue a college degree, believing they are not smart enough or personally powerful enough to see a degree through. And, no doubt, it is no walk in the park, but is and will be the most personally fulfilling and rewarding experience and personal achievement that life will bring, second only to a beautiful, long lasting marriage or having children to share ones life with.

The first step in achieving ones college goal, is believing in yourself and making a commitment to yourself and education that no matter what the next few years bring in personal circumstance or situation that ones priority is achieving their college dream, and nothing will stand in ones way in achieving them. It is only the student with this most positive and certain attitude that will succeed. Otherwise, difficult circumstances and situations are sure to arise, and without this attitude, students are sure to follow a voice within them that says, “It’s too difficult, why not just quit!” And that will be the end of that. But with a positive and certain goal the voice within will remind the student of the dream, the band playing pomp and circumstance and the diploma in hand. And the struggle will seem well worth it.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), by 2010, 16 million people will be enrolled in American colleges and universities – over half of them adults.

Not Your Average College Freshman
Why return to school? Some people want to finish a degree begun earlier in life but interrupted by career decisions or family responsibilities. Others decide to begin a graduate or post-graduate program after a long hiatus away from school. And among adult workers, and emphasis on continuous learning as a way to keep one’s competitive edge in the work world is inspiring many to hit the books again.

New Demands – and New Prospects
Going back to school can be exciting turning point – as well as cause for trepidation. Having been away from school for a long time, or never having been a college student before, many older students are unsure of what to expect and how to get the most out of their degree program.

Luckily, today’s students have a...

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