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Never Under Estimate Anyone Essay

885 words - 4 pages

It was a day, I will never forget. My best friend Natalie, of six years had

surprisingly call me at work. I hadn’t spoken or seen her for over several months

due to a disagreement that she and I had. While contemplating, should I pick

up the phone, Natalie hung up. A couple of minutes went by before Natalie

called again. I figured I better pick up this time. “Hello, Thanks for calling

Ameritech this is Tara how can I help you”? I had acted as if I didn’t know was

calling. She said “ Tara this is Natalie, do you have a couple of minutes to spare

after work today”, “I replied sure what’s up”? She said, “there’s been something

bothering me and I just want to get it off my chest”. So we plan to meet at

restaurant up the street around 5:45pm.

        I left work at about 5:00, to begin my walk over to the restaurant. I had

taken the long way just to give me more time to think what was so important that

she couldn’t tell me over the phone or via email. So, I arrived at the restaurant

around 5:40, expecting to immediately see her when I walked in the door. Much

to my surprise, Natalie hadn’t made it to the restaurant yet. I decided to wait

another 20 minutes. All the while I waited for her I felt an awkward, uneasy

feeling of anticipation. I found myself staring at the door thinking everytime the

door opened, this must be her. After 10 minutes of waiting, my thinking went

from, this must be her, to this better be her! Natalie finally came through the

door; she had this superstar attitude like she owns the joint. She spotted me and

gave me a light embracement. We set down and gave each other compliments

on our appearance. Neither one of use was hungry so we grab a couple of

cocktail just like old times. We caught up on what’s been going on in the both of

our lives.

        After finishing our second cocktail, I took the initiative to ask Natalie,”What

did she want to talk about”? Before she could answer me, she asked me to get

her one more drink, so I did. After quickly finishing her drink, she looked into my

eyes with this puzzled look and said, “ Tara if I asked you something would you

tell me the truth? I replied, “yes I’ll tell you the truth”. She said, “I heard

from someone that your into women, is that true?” I felt as thought my tongue


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