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New Addiction Essay

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Today Teenagers of the world have a new addiction. This new addiction is known as smartphones. Teenagers between 15&17 nowadays are using smartphones without limits. Everywhere you turn you see teens bending down or swiping or clicking their phones screen or sleeping with their smartphones under the pillow. Day after day smartphones are becoming more central to teenagers lives. A smartphone could be well-defines as a portable phone that has additional functions parallel to personal digital assistance devices. Smartphones simplify communication and offer fast and easy access to almost every single information needed in teens everyday life. But the fact the smartphones took place over other ...view middle of the document...

To clarify, teens know that texting and driving is a horrible idea, yet so many of them still do it. Teens have become so accustomed to have their phone and text in one hand, and drive the car with the other one. Taking their eyes off the road for even just second to text someone or respond to a text could cause teens their life or someone else life. In addition to that smartphones are distracting teens at school time, causing them lack of focus. For example, Smartphones allow teens to check and interact on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, play games online, and even watch TV. This is extremely distracting for not only the students which are obviously not paying attention, but can also be a distraction for other students around them. If a teacher has to stop the class to ask a student to turn off their phone, it is also distracting the entire class. According to Kalbrenner and McCampbell (2011) those features which smartphones includes could be actually a huge massive distraction to teenagers which draws their attention from whatever they are doing to something irrelevant , thus decreasing their focus and productivity. (p3)
Another reason why smartphones should be supervised and monitored is that smartphones are causing teens health problems such as mental health problem, trigger thumb and medical risk with an increase of smartphone use. According to to Kalbrenner and McCampbell (2011) smartphones capabilities are much greater than those regular cell phones, which create more risk to have medical problems related to smartphone usage. Moreover teens who are addicted to their smartphones severe anxiety if they're cut off from their technology, it's due to smartphone affection on the brain on certain level. Also there is relationship between smartphones and insufficient quantity and quality of sleep. According to Acton (2013) researches from the university of Tokyo have indicates that late night smartphone use could cause mental health problems, in addition to sleep deprivation from night calls and texts. For example, teen's wakes up in the middle of the night to check their smartphone in case they received a text massage or missed a call. Also According to Lenhart (2012) electrons advice in each teen...

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