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New Age Of Technology Essay

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Technology and computers are increasing factors in the collision repair industry. With time being a concern for customers in many cases, the work we do has become easier to manage and faster to produce because of technology. Over the past ten years, equipment technology has increased our productivity. Today, a computerized management system helps you to quickly process repair orders, job costing, and management reporting. Some examples of this new technology are the Shark, Pro Spot PR-10, Magna Rack III, and HVLP.

        The first example, the Shark, is a computer driven measuring system designed to be operated electronically. Shark is not a modified mechanical or laser system. This is a totally new measuring system designed to be computer driven using ultrasound technology. Unlike mechanical or laser systems, the beam does not need to be level or parallel when it is placed under the vehicle The intelligence of the system automatically calibrates its position in relation to the points being measured. The system re-calibrates itself to the vehicle every time you measure. If you reposition the beam after the first measurement, or if the car moves, the beam will automatically re-calibrate from its new position, still producing the same measurement results.

        Before repairs, Shark provides you with the ability to prove existing damage. This information is good to the vehicle owner and insurance company because it not only explains the cost of repair, but eliminates unnecessary work and surprises.

        During the straightening procedure, Shark will monitor selected underbody and upperbody reference points. Shark then calculates deviations from the manufactures specifications. You can view the whole pulling process, as it happens, live on the colored monitor. When the job is complete, you may command Shark to store or print a report in a variety of formats that you can select, recording the condition of the vehicle as it leaves your shop.

        Another example is the revolutionary, Pro Spot PR-10 resistance spot welding system that can add increased profitability and flexibility to any collision repair shop. By pressing the trigger button, the PR-10 electronically provides precise control of the squeeze time, current sensing pre-heat, weld deviation, hold time, cool down and duty cycle. Within seconds, this cycle is completed and you can begin another weld. There is no possibility of an operator rushing a weld because of the pre-timed programming. The operator must wait until the green light has turned on before doing the next weld. The PR-10 assures you of consistent, properly timed welds whether it is the first weld or the hundred and fiftieth weld.

        With the PR-10 there is no shielding gas or wire to replace and dark glasses and hoods are a thing of the past. Now you can have clear safety glasses and actually see the work as it is in process.

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