New Begining: A Personl Experience Essay

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New Beginning

I will never forget the look in her eyes, a single mother of two young girls trying to make it in the world. She had her ups and downs, but more down than ups. She fell in love and married and had a daughter at the age of 21 named Jennifer. She lived a happy life for a while, but it just was not what she wanted. She then fell in love a second time and got married again, had another daughter named Gina, that's me. At about the age of one, my mom divorced my dad due to reasons I still really don't understand today. So, here it is my Mom and sister, and me living on our own in an apartment. We would still go and see our fathers, but we really didn't like to go.
As a child, I hated when people would come up to me and touch me or let alone pick me up, especially if they were a stranger. I only allowed people who were really close to me, my Mom and sister, grandparents and Dad. I would have a fit and wouldn't let anyone come close. The three of us were on our own for a while, until my mom went on a blind date. Now I know that most people don't believe in love at first sight, but it's true, it can actually happen. One of my Mom's co-workers was pursuing her to go on a blind date, and she just didn't want to. One day the co-worker asked again and she gave in. A couple weeks later they went on their date and had a wonderful time. They hit it off and were just infatuated with one another. It truly was love at first sight. Now, he too had two kids of his own from a previous marriage. One a son named Tim and a daughter named Bethany.
After their first date, they just knew that they were perfect...

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