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New Day, Old Rules Essay

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Women, imagine you’re scrolling down your timeline and you see this tweet,
“At the end of the day men decide whether women get married”- @StaxxFifth via twitter.
It makes you stop and think right? Women never really think of it that way, but it is indeed a fact. Unless you’re a lesbian, we women will only become a wife on the account of a man. If no man asks, she’ll be single forever. Do the women of our day understand that? It seems that we’ve gained such an incredible independence that we don’t even care about what use to be important to women, like marriage and family. Did you know that there is a higher percent of unmarried adults than there are married? A report released by Bowling ...view middle of the document...

With all this freedom women have today, we don’t seem scared or ashamed to do anything. We are losing sight on what it means to be a lady. Self-respect, morals, and values are all diminishing traits. Women seem to be trying to be equal to men in every way, oblivious to the fact that we were not created the same and will never be totally equal no matter what we do or say. A man is a man and a woman is a woman. A prime example of young women trying to be equal to men is reversing the double standard of sleeping around. Men can sleep with a hundred girls and get a pat on the back, nothing is wrong with it, it’s been that way since the beginning of time, and it will not change. Women try and do the same thing today and that slap on the back that men get is a slap in the face for women. She is indeed classified as a whore. Sleeping with a lot of men was not accepted in the past, and it isn’t accepted in today’s society, and it never will be, and it shouldn’t. No man wants a woman who’s been with a lot of other men. They want a woman who is close to pure as possible. Besides women’s bodies get worn out way before men and do you expect a man to want to be with a woman who is, well let’s just say raggedy for lack of better term? Accept it or not women have to be what men want if we want a husband and the whole family thing, which most women would probably agree that at some point in their life, they do.
Social media, television, music and even the young men of today are shaping the modern day woman. Women’s actions are a direct correlation of our environment, the things we hear and see.
Social media is a big part of most people’s lives. Facebook, twitter, vine, and Instagram are apps that we have on our phones, that we are constantly on twenty-four seven. Instagram is now a woman’s mirror. Instagram sadly determines some women’s beauty, self-esteem, and confidence. For some women and young girls, the more likes a picture she posts gets, the more beautiful she feels. Beauty goes hand in hand with confidence, so a woman’s confidence goes up when she feels beautiful. How do young women feel is the best way to get the most likes? Wear less clothes. There are half naked girls wearing nothing but their underwear, getting five hundred likes on one picture, solely because they don’t have on any clothes. This is not beauty. There is no self-respect in showing everybody what you working with. Men are going to lust over half naked women, it’s in their nature, they wouldn’t be men if they didn’t, at least they wouldn’t be straight men anyway. Less isn’t always more. We can’t devalue ourselves like that. Thinking that because men like and comment on your naked pictures that they think you are beautiful. In reality they may not even think you are all that gorgeous but instead they think you have a nice body which makes you a sexual prospect. Is that all you want to be to a man, his sex toy? Instagram likes don’t and won’t make you beautiful. Being an...

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