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In the New Delhi rape case justice is something that is very difficult to attain. For the family of the victim the sentience of the four rapists; Sharma, Akshay Thakur, Pawan Gupta and Mukesh Singh, were sentenced to death for their crime. The victim's family was in the courtroom as the sentence was announced. "I am very happy our girl has got justice," said the victim's father. According to Judge Khanna said the attack "shocked the collective conscience" of India, and that "courts cannot turn a blind eye" to such crimes.

"This case definitely falls in the rarest of rare categories and warrants the exemplary punishment of death," he added (Biswas, 2013). This form of justice gives closure to the family of the victim.
After a horrific murder and raping of a young a twenty three year old physiotherapy student in New Delhi the community and world was angry outside the court house where the verdict was being read a crowed was gathered holding posters and banners that read "hang the rapists" and "a woman's life is the foundation, do not defile it." (Shah Singh, 2013) but their anger could be understood as revenge, not only for the victim but for anyone who has been raped. Revenge is evident in the New Delhi Rape case in the way in which their sentences and the speed in which their verdict was determined. In a country where a typical rape case takes nine years, the model speed with which this case was settled shows the great impact that the anger of the Indian people and the world had towards these four men. According to Shikha Dalmia “Sending these four men to the gallows will accomplish nothing except short-term revenge. While the widespread anger over this case is understandable, authorities must avoid using the death penalty as a ‘quick-fix’ solution. There is no evidence that the death penalty is a particular deterrent to crime, and its use will not eradicate violence against women in India.” (Dalmia, 2013)
Both justice and revenge are integral parts of this shocking case. Justice can be seen in the way in which the family and the world were able to find closure and revenge can be seen in the anger of the world and the desire for action. Personally I believe that justice was carried out in the executions of the four rapists. Life is a very precious thing and to take another’s life is a very serious thing. The evidence was unmistakable in that these men were responsible for the murder and raping of this young woman.
When a crime of this caliber happens it is very difficult for the community and even the world to cope with. In the New Delhi rape case so many people felt fear and anger towards the rapists; the community banded together and showed their support for the family but also showed their desire for justice. Restorative justice is a form of criminal justice system that places emphases on the rehabilitation of offenders through making amends with the victim and the community as a whole by admitting what they have done and apologizing...

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