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School should be a place to go and receive information that should help young men and women become better success in life. School is also a place where one should feel a maximum of security around them, to let the children know that they are safe and will not be harmed, made fun of, or dehumanized. One way children feel that they have been violated is because of a former problem know as bullying. Bullying has been known for causing children to suffer poorly in school; not only in their academics, but as well as their social life. Now that technology has taken a new turn in today’s society, there is a new form of bullying which is known as cyber bullying.
Cyber bullying is defined as the use of modern technologies by an individual or group to embarrass or intimidate others in a deliberate, repetitive, and hostile manner. Specific examples of cyber bullying includes anonymous phone calls, abusive e-mails, theft of identity information and harassment via instant messaging devices, social networking, media, and text messages (Li, 2006). The most common relationship issues that result in break ups (41%), envy (20%), intolerance (16%) and ganging up (14%) (Hoff and Mitchell, 2008). Students between the ages of 12 and 16 cannot handle social tensions and schools are responsible for teaching children to handle tension in a positive way (Hoff and Mitchell, 2008).
It is important that not only should schools help with students to increase the positivity, but parents should come up with solutions in order to help adolescents be more aware with their problems at task. The use of technology and internet usage can become what of a danger if parents are not restricting certain things and having guidelines for what their children should view when using technology. It is most important that they learn to prevent cyberbullying, as far as posting personal information. According to the study done by Pergolizzi, et al., four out of five seventh and eighth grade students feel that cyberbullying is a problem in their school. The traditional form of bullying is still in effect, but since the internet usage has increased amongst majority of the people, it is much more advanced and has a higher chance of becoming a greater embarrassment.
Not only is the internet usage increasing, but the use of cell phones by young people is also on the rise (Mason, 2008). In 2006 close to 50 percent of adolescents reported owning a cell phone, and of these adolescents, over 50 percent said that they text regularly (Mason, 2008). Cell phones have become a major deal over the last decade especially in the schools. Children are more likely to be involved with cyber bullying. According to the Internet World Stats, in 2007 there were 1,319,872,109 internet users in the world (Bhat, 2008). In 2007 there was an increasingly large amount of users on the internet having been the internet just came out. Cyberbullying has taken a toll on children in many parts of the...

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