New Human Management In Schuler R.S.' Repositioning The Human Resource Function

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The extract from Schuler R S ‘Repositioning the Human Resource Function’ suggests that in the future, the function of human resource management would work up to matching the same importance as other functional areas within a firm. In order to fully discover the future direction of human resource management and whether the function will be of the same level of importance as other functional areas, it is necessary to examine the areas in which
Schuler mentioned. The areas within human resource management that are to be examined are performance management, recruitment and selection and talent management; current issues of human resource management can also have an effect of the future ...view middle of the document...

The first area in which Schuler speaks of is performance management which is a systematic process for improving individual, team and organisational performance. Fundamentally, performance management is a positive and forward looking process which has two main purposes of operational and measure. The operational purpose, which involves leading, managing and controlling, and the measure purpose, which includes measuring the effectiveness or efficiency of the workforce; share the interlinked processes of managing poor performances and managing improving performance in order for the organisation to continue to grow. The function of performance management is in place for employees to gain better results by understanding and managing performance within a framework of planned goals, standards and competency requirements, this then develops a shared understanding about what is to be achieved and how it is to be carried out. Brumbach (1988) suggested that ‘human performance is managed in order to achieve positive successes, avoid negative success and failures and be hospitable to positive failures’. As Brumback suggests, performance management aligns the employee’s objectives and enables expectations to be defined leaving them to identify their own goals and successes. Performance management is often seen as primarily developmental which is why it may be referred to as ‘performance and development management’.
Gheorghe and Hack (2007) stated that ‘actively managing performance is simply running a business – running the entire business as one entity. It’s a continuous cycle of planning, executing, measuring results and planning the next actions. In the context of a larger strategic initiative, that means a continuous improvement’. They suggest how performance management is the continuous cycle of improvement within the organisation. Deming (1986) supports this statement with his plan-do-check-act model which includes the four key points of plan, act, monitor and review. This model is just one of many which looks at performance and development planning and which activities are needed in order to meet the set...

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