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Annie Johnson possessed a plethora of qualities which perpetuated her success. Of the many qualities she possessed, one vital for enabling her success was strength. One example proving Annie Johnson's strength was when her husband parted from her. She, instead of going through a poignant time period, immediately decided to do something different with her life. For example, when Annie says, “I looked up the road I was going and back the way I came, and since I wasn't satisfied, I decided to step off the road and cut me a new path"(par.3). This quote exemplifies Annie's mental strength to change her lifestyle which is extremely arduous to carry out. Since she had a scarce amount of money, a slight ability to read and add simple numbers and that she was a Negro with 2 toddling sons she didn't want to leave to anyone else's care, made her chances of getting a job meager. It was a superfluity of an onerous undertaking to “cut for yourself a new path"(par.11) in life, rather than following those of others, but Annie accomplished just that. Instead of working for the factories, she discovered a way to “get the factories to work for her". She accomplished this by selling food to the cotton gin and lumber sawmill workers during their breaks. These excerpts from the essay capitalize the fact that her mental strength was like that of none other. However, it wasn't only her mental strength that enabled her success. "Annie, over 6 feet tall, big-boned...”This phrase describes her as physically strong. Without her physical strength, she wouldn't have been capable of carrying heavy loads of food back and forth from her home to the factories for large figures of time. These references embolden that Annie Johnson's strength was a vital quality that...

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