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New Kid Essay

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        I chose “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat world for my assignment because it is one

song in particular that always manages to make my mood (emotion) a little bit brighter.

For me it is a reminder to not let life’s little things get you down because, like the song

says, everything is going to be all right. In the line “your in the middle of the ride” ,ride

is ...view middle of the document...

        The emotions stemmed from hearing this song are dependant on the listener and

the mood of that listener. If in life experiences that listener has found that everything

wont be alright, this song may evoke emotions of resentment and sorrow. If the listener

is in a bad mood and he or she takes the time to listen to the lyrics it could bring a little

bit of happiness into their day. If the listener chooses not to pay attention to the lyrics I

believe this song would still have an emotional effect on them seeing how the entire vibe

the band gives off excluding the lead singer is a sort of happy go lucky type feeling.

        I personally love this and as funny as it sounds, I often get the sense that I’m in a

movie when driving in a car with friends blaring “The Middle”. I can only hope that the

rest of the class will enjoy it as much as I do. I think it will be very interesting to hear the

opinions of others and find out if this song possibly stirs up other emotions then the ones

I have listed.

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