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New Parent: Tips On Crying Essay

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Babysitting was a normal weekend activity in my life but I always watched kids at the ages where they could tell me what I wanted until a family had a new born and desired me to babysit their month old baby. The first night babysitting was very difficult because all the baby did was cry constantly. I felt anxious because I felt like there was none thing I could do to comfort this baby but after trial and error all the sudden the baby stopped crying. This baby didn’t cry the rest of the night and after a few more baby sittings I knew mostly what each cry meant so that I could address the baby’s needs. Babysitting taught how to sooth, respond to distress, and how to care in colic situations.
Crying is an essential part of a baby’s survival. New parents commonly complain about over excessive crying when the baby is crying the actual expected amount. This crying is to stimulate a response for the parent to address some needs such as hunger, thirst, and sleep. As time goes by and the parent spend more time with their baby, the crying changes from pain and frustration, to a form of communication with the caregiver. Investigating what each cry may indicate will help lower the amount of crying performed by the baby; for example, taking care of a baby is like the psychology experiment the Skinner’s box. The skinners box is when an animal is placed in a locked box that has a lever that will open the door but the animal messes with the cage enough to first accidentally discover and last know exactly where the lever is that the lab observer can’t even get the door closed. If the parents spend enough time they will figure out what each cry indicates but if everything else false the best next step to take would be to sooth the baby by touch, singing, giving pacifier, and rocking comfortably in arms.
Studies show that a baby will die if not touched after birth because they need that love and affection to feel motivated to keep living in a world that without a caregiver they would not survive. Letting them hold your finger or tickle their arm helps sooth them to sleep. Another comfort to a baby is being swaddled which means being tightly wrapped in...

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