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New Perspectives Excel 2013 Tutorial 2: Formatting Workbook Text And Data Key Terms Computer Systems Homework Assignment

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New Perspectives Excel 2013
Tutorial 2: Formatting Workbook Text and Data
Key Terms
Accounting format The number format that places a currency symbol at the left edge of the column, adds a thousands separator to the value, and shows two decimal places; lines up numbers within a column by their currency symbols and decimal points; negative numbers are enclosed in parentheses. (EX 68)
automatic page break A page break Excel sets automatically when the page of the printout is full. (EX 97)
Average function An Excel function that calculates the average value from a collection or numbers. (EX 98)
cell highlighting A conditional format that changes a cell's font color or fill color based on the cell’s value. (EX 97)
cell style Predefined formatting options that you can apply to cells in a worksheet. (EX 97)
Comma style The number format that adds a thousands separator to numbers, adds two decimal places, and lines up values within a column by their decimal points. (EX 69)
conditional format Formatting applied to a cell when its value meets a specified condition. (EX 108)
Currency format The number format that places a currency symbol directly to the left of the first digit of the currency value, adds a thousands separator to the value, and shows two decimal places; lines up numbers within a column by their decimal points; negative numbers are displayed with a negative sign. (EX 82)
fill color A background color that can be added to cells to help differentiate parts of a worksheet or highlight data. (EX 69)
font A set of characters that employ the same typeface, such as Arial, Times New Roman, and Courier. (EX 68)
font style Formats that can applied to a font such as italic, bold, bold italic, underline, strikethrough, and color. (EX 68)
footer Information that appears at the bottom of each printed page. (EX 119)
Format Painter A feature that copies and pastes formatting from one cell or range to another without duplicating any data. (EX 96)
gallery A menu or grid that shows a visual representation of the options available or the selected button. (EX 70)
General format The number format that, for the most part, displays values exactly as they are typed. (EX 82)
header Information that appears at the top of each printed page. (EX 119)
legend A key that identifies the colors or the shapes used in a worksheet or a chart. (EX 112)
Live Preview A preview of how a workbook would...

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