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New Possibilities For Mobile Advertising Essay

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Review of Related Literature
Nowadays, mobile phone advertising is becoming the mainstream and a new avenues that offers endless possibilities as digital innovations in all types of digital media including mobile phones or cellphones, cellular-enabled PC or tablets and another brees of hand-held device which transform and totally changed the game on how marketers advertise through mobile advertising and that is the advent of smartphones or highly advanced form of mobile phones.
According to Dr. Preeta H. Vyas (2011), mobile phone at large is growing at exponential rate. This marketing medium of advertising provides interesting and promising opportunities to a marketer and the marketing industry as a whole. Though opportunity exists to advertise on mobile phones, it is essential for a marketer to understand the perceptions of mobile phone advertising and preference thereof. Different researches account indicates several international study which have attempted to study mobile phone advertising such as mobile advertising attitudes by Tsang et. al., 2009), Pernission-based Advertising by Barwise and Strong, 2004, Efficacy of Location based Advertising by Banerjee and Dholakia, 2008, Consumers Perception towards SMS Advertising in New Zealand by Caroll et. al.,2007, Relationship between Mobile Media Usage and Attitudes towards Mobile Phone Advertising by Drossos et. al.,2008, How Incentives Offered to College Students will enhance Mobile Advertising among them by Hanley, Becker and Martinson, 2008, Study on Consumers Attitudes towards Mobile Phone Advertising in emerging market by Chowdhury et. al., 2006, Impact of Personalization on Consumer Attitudes towards Mobile Advertising in China by Xu, 2006, Factors affecting Consumer intention to use Mobile Advertising in Taiwan by Yang, 2007 and Consumer Attitudes towards Permission-based Mobile Advertsing by Maneessoonthorn et. al., 2006.
Permission-Based Theory
Prof. Preeta H. Vyas stressed that review of these studies indicates that mobile phone users are not very favorably disposed to mobile advertising unless it is permission-based advertising. Kenneth Yang (2007) in his study on Factors affecting consumers intention to use mobile phone adverting in Taiwan looked at perceived value of mobile advertising by analyzing whether such ads are entertaining, informative credible and irritating which usually linked to intention of behavior.
On the other hand Carol et al, (2007) have identified factors of the relevance of the content whether the message is short, concise, funny, interactive, entertaining, relevant or not. In his study he further perceived the context of the message whether it is permission-based, the nature of control by wireless service provider, personalization control and frequency of time and message.
Based on the above factors mobile phone users create perceptions leading to acceptance or rejection of mobile phone advertising.
The study of Drossos et al (2010) further emphasized through...

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