New Postal Service Exam 473 E Study Guide

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New Postal Service Exam 473-E Study Guide
Strategies and Techniques for Scoring High

Hello future postal employees,

Congratulations! Purchasing this study guide most likely indicates you want to pursue a career with the Postal Service. In my opinion, you’ve made an excellent choice. As a retiree of the Postal Service, I can tell you it’s an honorable and solid career. At the end of your workday, you’ll know you’ve achieved something important. You’ll have that feeling of accomplishment. That kind of job doesn’t come along every day.

You might be here because you’re just out of high school or college and you’re looking for your first job. Maybe you’re recently discharged from the military and seeking employment. Perhaps you’re making a career change or looking to increase your income. Whatever the situation, there are people of countless backgrounds and education levels working for the Postal Service.

The Pride of Working for the Postal Service

Think about it. You’ve spent your day working for a company that is a major component of the nation’s infrastructure. It’s a business that can move a simple letter from one end of the country to the other in only a couple of days. To top it off, it cost the customer less than a half dollar.

Sure, that letter might be a bill, more commonly referred to as junk mail. Then again, it could contain something that will make a major difference in someone’s life. It could even be a letter from a little child to Santa. That’s of major importance to him or her. What I’m trying to say is you’ve chosen a career that has a major role in running our world. You could be a part of making a positive difference in someone’s life.

My Time at the Postal Service

I made a very comfortable living and raised my children as a single parent during my employment with the Postal Service. I didn’t have to worry about where the money would come from, as many single parents have to do today. I started as a temporary employee and retired as a supervisor. I am eternally grateful to the Postal Service for that.

The Benefits

My children and I were covered with excellent health, life, and dental insurance. I spent 10 paid holidays every year with my family. I received generous vacation and sick leave with pay. The Thrift Savings Plan is outstanding with the Postal Service matching a percentage of your contributions. That’s only a few of the benefits you’ll receive as a permanent employee. Yes, there’s many more.

Sharing My Experience

After retiring, I wanted to use my experience and knowledge in a positive way. I wanted to do something that could help others have the good fortune I’ve had. I knew the greatest obstacle in gaining employment was taking the postal exam. I decided teaching others to take the exam is the best way I can help.

I want to give you all the advantages I can. Taking an important test is stressful. Stress can make it difficult to focus. I want to take that stress away so you can walk in to take the...

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