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New Product Launch Strategy: The Case Of I Phone Of Apple And Gsm Voice Activated Phones Of Samsung Scu/Mba Case Study

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In the process of globalization, almost all companies over the World must face the variety of scenarios due to the impact of this phenomenon. Dealing with this problem, every company needs to always closely follow the target of increasing the profit through enhancing the quality of its products as well as optimizing the launch of new product. New products will produce the increase of sales and profits. More importantly, it can create and sustain the competitive advantage for the company in the global market. Kotler (2006) defined that every company must develop and launch new products due to its influence to the future of the company; once the customers tend to search new products and the competitors will try best to provide them. However, which factor can guarantee the success for launching a new product of a business, the answer definitely is marketing. According to Kotler (2006), the company’s activity in launching new product is a crucial part of its marketing strategy. It is therefore truly imperative that a company must develop a consistent marketing strategy for the launch of each particular product in its portfolio. While Cooper (1993) illustrated that almost 70-80% of new product failed in introducing to customer, so the successful launch of the Apple and Samsung contain a numerous valuable business lesson which significantly relates to the field of marketing and need to be studied. The purpose of this report is to examine how Apple and Samsung develop new products and launch to saturated market successfully. In details, this report will be covered within the success new product launch of the iPhone of Apple and one of three High-end Technology products which is named GSM voice activated phones of Samsung at the specific time of every case study and based on the result of the research.

The case of iPhone launch:
This relative research was carried out and published in 2015 in order to investigate the whole process of the penetration and the development of Apple in mobile phone industry. The iPhone 2G is the first device Apple introduced to the public in June 2007. After successfully launching, millions of iPhones was sold, turned it in one of the most popular mobile phone ever launch. With this great success, Apple spent its resources on diversification and became the leader on smartphone market after eight years when impressively overtaking Samsung in the last quarter of 2014. Basically through the first innovative product, Apple has changed the established order of the mobile phone industry and forced other manufactures to raise their product standards. Apple gained a significant success and competitive advantages learned a lot from this revolutionary product (Capatina & Draghescu 2015).
This success of Apple was perfectly resulted in by the tactical way to approach a set of crucial factors for new product success. All factors are researched and defined base on the close relationship with the marketing components in...

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