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New Safety Rules And Standards In The Nfl

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What’s your opinion on the new controversial safety rules in the NFL? Are you for or against them? Many players in the league are against them. They've even took to social media such as Twitter to let their outrage be heard publicly. Some have even openly admitted that they were still going to break the rules, even though a costly fine was to follow if they broke the rules. Do you think they are being unreasonable for this? In this essay, you will find both the pros and the cons of several new widely debated rules. They include the new “tuck rule”, the “targeting rule”, the “helmet to helmet rule”, and the pros and cons to the new hotly debated topic of the new “roughing the quarterback” rules.
The new helmet to helmet rule is the first topic of debate. One thing scientists and neurologists have tested many players, and retired players, and have found that damage to the brain caused by a concussion, can last for decades if not given the right amount of time to heal (Nordquist). They also found abnormal brain wave activity years after several violent concussions in a row. They also found partial wasting away of the motor pathway, which can cause slight ADD. Thirty years after retiring, some NFL players who had had concussions, were experiencing symptoms similar to those of early Parkinson's disease. In addition to that, some signs of early Alzheimer’s effects were found (Nordqvist). A concussion is an injury of a soft structure, such as the brain, resulting from a violent blow or shaking (Nordqvist). Symptoms of concussions include temporary loss of brain function which can result in cognitive, confusion, vomiting, nausea, headache, depression, disturbed sleep, moodiness, and amnesia (Nordqvist). Even when concussion symptoms seem to be cleared up and gone, the brain still isn't’t able to, and still isn’t functioning at 100%. As a result of the league’s failure to protect players in the past from long term brain injury, which was mainly caused by repeated concussions without treatment,4,000 former NFL players are suing the league. These new rules will stop these type of lawsuits from happening in the future (Nordquist).
Despite all these pros to the new helmet rule however, there are still several downfalls to it as well. Although the rule passed, not all of the teams in the league voted for it (Battista). As stated early, many players are outraged over the new rule. Defensive players openly stated they were going to go for the knees now, one of the weakest points to tackle. Possible injuries include torn ACL, MCL, and LCL, all of which are possible career ending injuries, and definite season ending ones (Battista). A national pole even revealed that over 80% of fans disliked the new rule. This is a major cause in the decreased rating for the NFL’s television broadcast. The network producer expressed his concern with Roger Goodell, the creator of the rule (Battista).
Now up to debate is the recently discussed “targeting” rule. Targeting is...

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