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New Technology In The Civil War Era

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New Technology In The Civil War Era

My research project is about the new technology that was used during the Civil War. There was new weapons used during the war and also other technologies that helped with the war. These helped change the way people lived and made life easier for them.
The Repeating Rifle was used during the Civil War by 1863. These guns could fire more than one bullet before they needed to be reloaded. The most popular one was called the Spencer Carbine and it could shoot seven shots in 30 seconds. The Minie bullet was Claude-Etienne Minié created this bullet. This also used, and the new rifling or grooves in the musket’s barrel made these bullets spin and travel up to 900 feet. They increased the range and accuracy of the muskets these bullets did a lot more damage to bone. .(Judy,2012) (Falton, 2001).
Naval Mines And Torpedoes were also used. Mines were developed by the confederates. Mines were used first and later on torpedoes were used, and they sank over 40 Union ships. They were successful and this led to the creation of land mines and grenades that were used in other wars after the Civil War ended.(Marten,2012)
Railroads were used, and the Civil War was the first war to use them. The North had over 20,000 miles of track, and the South only had 9,000 miles of track. The Generals would move all their soldiers, supplies, and armor from the war to wherever they were needed. Sometimes the train stations would be attacked by their enemies, as they waited for them to get there. The ideas of the railroads were encouraged to be used by Abraham Lincoln, as he himself was a former railroad lawyer. He understood how important the railroads were for moving their men and supplies from place to place. Even though the South’s rail system was not as strong as the North’s rail system, they were the first ones to use the trains to their advantage. (Fanton, 2001), (Judy, 2012),(Civil War Trust).
Telegraphs were used, and became the most important form of communication.
They exchanged reports and orders with each other. The telegraph was used before the Civil War, but not as much till after the war begun did this form of technology become so greatly depended on. Abraham Lincoln was the first president to use the telegraph to communicate on the spot with his officers while they were on the battlefield. In 1861 over 1,200 operators where trained how to use the telegraph. They sent over a million messages back and forth to each other from the battlefield.( Marten, 2012)
Photography was greatly improved during the Civil War era. Matthew Brady hired 300 photographers and they shot scenes of the...

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