New Technology Market: Zero Day Exploit Essay

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The World Wide Web has become a catalyst for hackers, organize criminals, insider threats, political, social action groups, and anonymous groups to excite fear on individuals, private and the public sector. These threat actors can launch malware, rootkits, spam, botnets and a host of other threat vectors at any occasion.
IT Specialist and system administrator’s job duties are to test, patch and install the latest security updates and software fixes on an organization existing system. However, this task can become a race against time in trying to mitigate a security breach. Many times the system admin has to wait for the software vendor to produce a patch to fix the problem. This is most apparent when a company is infected with a Zero-Day Exploit.
Zero-Day Exploit is an vulnerability cause by the software makers haste in bringing software to market without fully testing for defects; as a result leaving the software expose to liability without a fix. According to Rouse (2010) zero-day exploit is one that takes advantage of a security vulnerability on the same day that the vulnerability becomes generally known (Rouse, 2010, para. 1).
Zero-day exploits have grown into a new technology market where security specialists are paid for discovering vulnerabilities in software and methods to halt the potential vulnerability in its software According to Simonite (2013) Zero-day exploit is a customizable software program used to infiltrate onto a computer system without detection by conventional computer security measures, such as antivirus packages or firewalls (Simonlite, 2013, para. 4). Zero-day exploits are used by hackers, cyber terrorist and social activist to steal credit card.sensitive information or to incite fear. Military forces have come to realize that the same technology used for evil can be used to help protect a country’s from its enemies.
The United States Government is building up its defense in protecting its citizens from cyber threats. The military has taken the challenge to protect its armed forces from its enemies around the globe. The military sees cyber space as its biggest mission going forward into the millennium. The Pentagon position in cyber warfare is an offense approach instead of a defense. The days of hiring experts in patching security flaws in computer systems are out; finding experts who can find flaws in the other guy’s system is in. According to Gjelten (2013) Offense is the biggest growth sector in the cyber industry right now,” says Jeffrey Carr, a cybersecurity analyst and author of Inside Cyber Warfare (Gjelten, 2013, para. 6). The use of zero-day exploits in protecting a country borders from imminent attack occur in 2010.
The Stuxnet computer worm infected industrial sites in Iran in June, 2010. The Stuxnet worm affected not only industrial sites, but one of Iran’s uranium- enrichment plants. The worm infected Microsoft window operating systems and the networks adjoining the systems by...

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