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New Territories Exempted House (Nteh) Essay

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Write an essay to discuss, in your opinion, if any additional practicable building control measures or relaxation should be necessary to improve the existing control system of New Territories Exempted Houses.

New Territories Exempted House (NTEH) is basically a village house in the New Territories constructed in accordance with the provisions of the Building Ordinance (Application to the New Territories), Chapter 121. Under the Small House Policy, which was first introduced in 1972 by the colonial government, an indigenous male villager who is over 18 years and is descended through the male line from a resident in 1898 of a recognized village is entitled to apply for one ...view middle of the document...

Those UBWs are usually balconies, canopies, external window grilles, enclosed rooftops and some rooftops suspensions, etc. Figure 2 shows an example of enclosed rooftops in village house. It has been reported more than other types of buildings for several times and raises the suspicion of the structural safety of small houses. The authorities of HKSAR, Building Department and Lands Department, however, do not adopt an efficient and effective way in enforcing the law against the relevant illegal works. The reason is that the existing policy is not accurate enough to regulate the NTEH. To take immediate measures with it, the government had adopted two strategies to deal with the existing problems. One is to eliminate the illegal works with higher potential risks to the public immediately, while another is to execute a reporting scheme for the illegal works with lower potential risk and thus to postpone the improvement of the works.
Beside the aforementioned measures, in my opinion, some small house inspection for those unauthorized works should be adopted in a certain period of time such as annually or every five years. Once the UBWs are found, the owner of village house should eradicate it within half-year. This can give a great fall of the number of UBWs found in NTEH and thus release the concern of citizens.

Figure 2: Some unauthorized building...

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