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Wrapped in the comfort of your favorite blanket, you sit on the plump couch as the rain tip-taps on the window. Your phone, swarmed by texts, is buzzing atop the arm of the couch and you have not determined when to grab it. Molding society into what it has become today, technology is a part of nearly everyone’s lives. The push for technology has evolved from the workplace to the home and now it is emerging into schools. Technology, such as a personal computer or tablet, with the proper precautions, should be implemented into schools as a learning device. Technology does not just allow students to stay connected with family and friends, it is also an excellent tool for learning, and encourages the responsible use of technology.
To begin with, technology makes it possible for students to stay in touch with family and friends. A student can call home and ask a family member to bring them a forgotten assignment, lunch money or to come pick them up if they are sick. It has been proven that over 70% of the students forget their lunch through a research from Los Angeles, California investigators. Being able to have the opportunity to prevent a child from starving and forgetting his lunch sends a great message about using technology at school. In addition, tablets allow parents to keep track of their children’s whereabouts before, during, and after school. Furthermore, there is always the possibility of a student needing to contact a parent because of a dangerous situation. For instance, what if a school shooting all of a sudden happens at your child’s school, what will happen if the child cannot contact his parents? Just in Colorado, a student who was planning to kill 100 students and teachers killed himself in a violent attack after 10 deaths. If technology were allowed in the school system, we would have prevented at least 10 deaths because students would be contacting their closest family members to prevent this catastrophic disaster. Having technology is like having a guardian angel. When used responsibly, tablets can be an excellent communication tool.
Technology is a tool and not a toy in a classroom environment. This statement, when abided by, allows the full benefits of technology to be personified through students by their enthusiasm and attitude. Time is an important asset of any class due to increasing lesson plans and tighter schedules. For instance, in our Socratic Seminar discussion we prove how, “…with information and resources at the click of a button, technology helps lengthen these time slots allowing teachers to have more breathing room when scheduling.” Hands on learning with a piece of technology are always something a student looks forward to doing. With control in the hands of the students, the initiation needed to learn is on their shoulders. This increases the level of enthusiasm and motivation in the classroom. Positive attitudes are also created because of the unique and fun way the technology is used, helping...

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