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New Year Thesis Essay

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New year thesis

        New Years is a time of the year that is celebrated all around the world. Many people celebrate New Years in many different ways. In the United States people like to make "New Year's resolutions." A New Years resolution is when you try to change something about yourself that would make feel better about being you. New year resolutions are ways to start over. The following paragraphs will tell about my three New Year resolutions.

        Something I would like to accomplish this year is to do better in school not just grade ...view middle of the document...

        I would also like to improve my spiritual belief's . To be able to do this I would like to attend church more often and go to more church functions. This year I would like to find more time in my schedule to do more things with my church, read the bible and work with others in my church community. I think in doing these things that I get a clear view on life and what is going on around me

        My final and most important thing I would like to achieve is to make a difference in one persons life. It could be anything. Making a difference in someone's life can be as small as saying hello to a person or talking to them. I know that I personally have had a better day when someone says hey or smiles at me therefore it makes my life better. In order to achieve this goal I hope to be nice to others and always help people out with things that they need.


        To have New Year resolutions doesn't mean u have to change the world or join the army it means to do something long term or short term to make you feel better about yourself and to feel like you have accomplished something. These resolution don't have to be big and no one has to know about them they are for you no one else. New year resolutions are a way to start over.

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