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The Metropolitan Museum of Art is located in the center of Manhattan at Fifth Avenue and 84th street. The museum occupies the entire museum mile street and is extremely crowded. On the way to the museum, no one would ever expect to enter this architectural, intellectual, cultural, and academic adventure through time and space. My experience at the museum proves to be educational, and it truly alters my views on the subject of art history.
New York City is bombarded with noise, water, and air pollution; and people want to escape from reality to an educational space that relaxes you. Surrounding the museum are architectural buildings from the early 1900s. The museum has its own private lane. The spacing between the museum and other buildings is perfectly spaced. As a result of the spacing there is a feeling of relaxation. The stairs are overwhelmingly huge, with each step occupied by a person enjoying the nice weather. The idea of sitting in front of the museum simply shocks me because they could’ve gone to Central Park to sit on grass.
The exterior of the museum is clean, organized, and symmetrical. The details on the building are detailed and carefully designed that just standing in front of this monumental building awes people. The exterior refers to the gothic period with the columns. This building reminds me of architectures in Paris, because of the overly detailed twin columns, triangular arcs, and the three doors, that seem to represent the Holy Trinity. The exterior is extremely white and seems to be cleaned and renovated through time. The reason why the museum references to the Gothic architecture is because of the donor for the museum. Like all museum pieces, there has to be a dedication spot where it mentions who donates the piece of art. The people who designed the museum want people to know that Paris donated to the museum.
The interior of the museum is huge. To be honest, even though the map is extremely useful, finding the exits and going from one point to another, it is exhausting and frustrating to navigate through the museum. The Great Hall is loud due to the numerous amounts of people entering. It is very organized but at the same time disappointing. Both the Greek and Roman Art, and the Egyptian Art sections are close to the Great Hall, so those sections become very noisy with people asking for directions and getting settled down. The interior is clean, classy, and like any museum you would see.
The interior of the museum is organized into various sections based on the time period and place of origin. Each section is labeled in numerical/chronological order. When entering the different section, people would walk in a circular form. For example, when entering the Egyptian Art section, one starts at room 100, and follows the room number order, the person would go around in a circle back to room 100. This organizational method is carefully planned brilliantly so people can truly understand the beauty of art history.
The museum...

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