New York City Public Transportation System

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Beginning in June of 1952, when the Metropolitan Transportation Authority was founded, advances in transportation in New York City have improved the city’s developing economy and have benefitted people to a great extent. Located in the heart of Manhattan, the MTA headquarters are home to hundreds of different vehicles, ridden by thousands daily. The train tracks and bus routes run through Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and the Bronx, unifying all five boroughs and improving the lives of everyone
Beginning at $0.05 and going up to $2.50, one-way bus fare has slowly been increasing since the MTA was founded. Although the cost depends mainly on how far the vehicle is traveling, ...view middle of the document...

All of what he achieved helped form what America is today – he set the precedent for future automobile makers. Towards the end of his life, Rockefeller donated a total of over half a billion dollars to benefit science and to fund colleges.
New York State is known for having a low automobile ownership, because of its great dependence on public transportation, with the number of cars decreasing, and the number of low emission, hybrid, public transit vehicle increasing. MTA statistics show that, in 2006, more than 50% of all NY workers used public transportation to get to work throughout the state.
The NYC subway system is one of the largest public transportation systems in the entire world, averaging at 5.5 million rides on weekdays, and 2-4 million on the weekend, as of 2013. It runs through four of the five NYC boroughs (excluding Staten Island, which has the independent Staten Island Railway). Ridership on subways (not only in New York, but all over the world) is increasing due to the skyrocket in gas prices for cars, and because of the productivity of subway trains. In 1904, when the NYC subway system was first introduced, people were beyond eager to try it out, because it was new territory for them. Soon it started becoming crowded and uncomfortable for people, and had become an inconvenience. The city of New York and MTA workers are striving to make every commute as seamless as possible for travellers to prevent problems such as overpopulation in their vehicles. Trains now are more time and energy efficient, and much cleaner.
The Business Insider estimates how much the fare for public transportation will increase within the next ten years, using the rate at which it is currently growing. They evaluate that a one-month pass, which is currently $112.00, will cost upwards of $168.00. This has caused controversy among travellers, because they think the NY government is unnecessarily raising the prices taking their money. As a matter of fact, the Business Insider states nearly half of the MTA’s money is funded by the state.
There are people who are not in favor of public transportation systems all together. Naomi Wish, author of “Improving Policy Making in Public Transportation” expresses her concerns about public transportation; “Our concerns over energy, the urban crisis, and our unhealthy environment have demonstrated the urgency of a new commitment of human energy and resources to public transportation policy making”…“Some of these policies have already been implemented in other areas of the nation”… “and would probably affect...

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