New York State Property Tax Essay

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The Property tax has been around for awhile now. People have had to pay a fee on their property every year. Some property owners seem to be punished and have to pay an unreasonable amount of money of their taxes. 1“The value of your real property reflects on your real property tax”(How the Property Tax Works. A publication of the State Board of Real Property services). This leaves taxpayers that own a good amount of property and have a nice house have to pay a chunk of their income on their taxes. 2“Counties, cities, towns, villages, school districts, and special districts each raise money through the real property tax. The money funds schools, pays for things like the police and fire department, maintains our roads, etc.” (The Property tax and its Administration, Arthur D. Lynn Jr.). These are all left tax exempt too, that isn’t fair they just eat our money.3“When the state determines the amount that you will pay for your property taxes they determine it through two things. One is the property’s taxable assessment and the tax rates of where the property is located. The tax rate is also determined by the amount of the tax levy to be raised from all, or part, of an assessing unit, and the units taxable”(Property taxation Land use and Public Policy, Arthur D. Lynn, Jr.). Some people own a lot of property that they need to make a living with but then get punished and have to pay an extraordinary amount of money on their taxes.

        Some of us feel that we should not have to be punished for how well our property that we own is maintained. People who don’t take care of their property as well as others pay less money on their taxes, if they both have the same amount of land.

        In some school districts people pay an outstanding amount of money on their property taxes. This is because the school is so expensive to maintain. Small schools seem to get more punished than larger schools. When a school gets a new addition it has an impact on the school districts property tax. The people have to pay for the schools projects. Schools sometimes invest millions of dollars into their schools and expect all the people to be able to afford it. Sure, the people who live down town and make up the majority of the vote don’t mind because they own a maximum of a few acres. But what about the people who own up to 300 acres? That’s a large property tax that they will have to pay. The farmers only make up about 25% of the vote. And the majority of them vote no to school projects when there are only around 1,500 people who live in the district. This is because they can not afford paying that much for property taxes.

        An assessor is the person who determines the properties assessed value. When they do this, they estimate your property’s market value and then they total the level of assessment to that market value. 4“When the assessor checks the market value of your land they are checking to see the price it would...

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