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New York State Report:

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New York first began its imprint onto our nation, when the Dutch settled there, in 1626. New York has always been a leading influence in history when it came to its geographical location, economy, and power in the United States. New York is the third most populated state with close to 19.5 million people living there today. Their state motto is Excelsior, “ever upward”, which truly was exemplified after the disaster of 9/11. New York has shown the nation how to get back up after literally being torn down. Even with their past history, they’ve maintained to be one of the top leading and beautiful states today.
Their state flower is a rose as it symbolizes love and beauty. Their capital ...view middle of the document...

Most winters go below freezing. West New York is also cloudier then the east because of the Great Lakes. New York city has become an urban heat island due to it’s increasing urbanization., causing temperatures to be warmer overnight no matter the season. The bordering bodies of water are Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Lake Champlain, and the Atlantic Ocean. The Bordering states are Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. South of New York contains the Allegheny Plateau that has a high elevation, flat slopes, and a horizontal bedrock. Mid New York contains the Erie-Ontario Lowlands, which are plains that have a low elevation, flat slopes, and a horizontal bedrock as well. North of New York contains the Adirondack Mountains, which have a high elevation, steep slopes, and tilted or folded bedrock. New York is a beautiful place to visit no matter the crazy weather.
New York has a diverse economic market as well. Their market includes livestock, which is two-thirds of their agricultural income and they are the #3 leading producer of dairy products. When it comes to crops they are the leading fruit and vegetable producer in the eastern part of the country with apples, grapes, peaches, maple syrup extract, etc. They manufacture computer and electronic products, chemicals, machinery, etc. They have an endless list of services including finance, insurance, private health care, accounting firms, law firms, entertainment companies, real estate – some of the world’s highest property values are found in Manhattan--, wholesale, etc. They also have a system of railroads, air routes, and modern highways including the New York State Canal System. New York has a number of areas, which are keeping their economy as well as they could be considering.
Unfortunately, their economy had a great decline on the day of the terrorists’ attacks in the twin towers. The attack occurred on September 11, 2001, which is why the event is known as, 9/11. The attack killed about 2,700 workers who were employed in many different fields from finance to firefighters. The attack led to the stock market closing for days, which led to a great loss. It was one of the largest insured events in history, costing over $40 billion. This tragic event also led to 430,000 jobs being lost due to tourism hitting a huge spike downward. The hotel occupancy fell below 40% for the first time. In the last months of 2001 and all of 2002, the gross domestic product (gdp) for New York City was estimated to have declined by over 30 billion. 18,000 small businesses were destroyed or displaced. The attack also led the United States into war in Afghanistan and Iraq. The war is still going on today in Afghanistan and the costs of both wars were between $4-6 trillion, most of which haven’t been paid for yet. It was almost impossible for New York to get back running again, let alone the rest of the nation. 9/11 is a date that will forever be a tragic day in history. New...

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