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New Zealand, which is known for its beautiful landscapes that are often captured on film in movies and television shows such as The Lord of the Rings Trilogy or Xena: the Warrior Princess, is now facing problems with deforestation, soil erosion, and invasive species that are killing native plants and animals (Central Intelligence Agency). With all countries whose population is growing, there are major effects caused by it.
According to The World Factbook, a website created and ran by the Central Intelligence Agency, New Zealand is a country made of multiple islands that lie off the southeast coast of the continent Australia in the South Pacific Ocean. With about 268,000 square kilometers ...view middle of the document...

The average income for a New Zealand household is approximately $68,000 (CIA).
The income that many of the households earn their money from is in part by the jobs they work. Many New Zealanders help harvest and build much of their exports. New Zealand main exports are dairy products, meat, and fish (Central Intelligence Agency). They also export different woods or wood products as well as machinery. The World Factbook states that the total amount of exports are $38 billion. New Zealand’s partners for exports are Australia, China, Japan, and the United States. They get imports from the countries listed prior in addition to Singapore and Germany. The imported goods total about $37,000 and include electronics, vehicles, machinery, and textiles (Central Intelligence Agency).
Some major environment problems New Zealand are facing are deforestation, soil erosion, and harm to native plants and animals because or invasive species (Central Intelligence Agency). Greenpeace, an independent global campaigning organization, states that deforestation is a major problem in New Zealand because the burning of the forests have resulted in too much carbon in the air. This extra carbon in the air adds to the “greenhouse effect” which in turn causes climate change. This change in climate can result in the destruction of more forests because it causes more forest fires and drought (Greenpeace). Another outcome caused by deforestation is soil erosion. There are many types of soil erosion that happen in New Zealand. Two types that New Zealand deals with the most are steambank erosion and surface erosion (Soil Erosion). Both of these erosions happen in hill country and can leave devastating effects. Soil erosion is a concern because it means the soil has lost its nutrients and usually cannot sustain any plants (Soil Erosion). After the soil has eroded, it is extremely difficult to recover which makes this problem very important (Soil Erosion). In addition to deforestation and soil erosion, invasive species such as rats, stoats, fish, Argentine ants, and weeds are killing native plants and animals like birds and many of the unique plants that grow in Zealand because they are eating or competing with them for food and sunlight (Weeds: The Scale of the Problem and Animal Pests).
The government has tried to protect its environment by enacting several laws and treaties like Kyoto Protocol, Law of the Sea, and Endangered Species (CIA). These laws all have different jobs. The Kyoto Protocol was put in place to try to reduce the greenhouse gases that cause climate change (New Zealand’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting). New Zealand has to report its level of gases each year to make sure they are being reduced. If they are not, The Law of the Sea Treaty sets...

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