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Newark And Philadelphia Policy Review

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This policy analysis will review the programs that the cities of Newark and Philadelphia implemented and why these issues are important. The analysis will also examine the programs each city created to address the violence in the specific urban areas of their city and the impacts the programs have had to date. The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of police foot patrol as a means of deterrence through apprehension and as a means of risk reduction, community and problem oriented policing, high crime neighborhood hot spots, and violence prevention. This will be done through the examination of the Newark, NJ and Philadelphia, PA foot patrol experiments.
The Philadelphia and Newark foot patrol experiments were both determined to be a success in the target area, because they both were able to deter crime. The Philadelphia experiment prevented 90 violent crimes around the target area (Ratcliffe et al. 2011). The operation Impact experiment did not experience a positive or negative effect .The errors encountered in the Newark study are the reasons why the Philadelphia experiment was more successful, because they focused on the objectives the Newark, New Jersey experiment was unable to complete and gain positive results on deterring crime in the targeted area.
This policy analysis will discuss the following topics: the problem, Policy development, Policy Effectiveness, Conclusion Alternatives, Cost & Benefits, and Recommendations.
Recognizing the significance of the problem, the cities developed the Operation Impact & Philadelphia Foot Patrol project, to address the issue of deterrence, public safety, and restoring neighborhoods to a safe environment for kids and the elderly to live. The comprehensive Plan outlines challenges and options in planning, traffic and walking circulation, beat times/rotations, interaction with local residents’, public safety, and attracting the proper mix of business to make these areas a desirable place for residents to patronize.
Policy Development
Police chiefs, researchers and recently graduated police cadets worked together in the development of the plan through the Philadelphia Police Committee and New Jersey Police committee. These committees included experts who are familiar with the area and its specific needs, and through this committee is where the programs objectives was created to discover if it was the right course of action. The PPC and NJPC consisted of business owners, and city council members. The PPC and NJPC were assisted by a street team of volunteers, and a project management committee. The street team included public safety, code enforcement, and safety. These plans will create a more aesthetically pleasing environment in the city by attempting to decrease to amount of violent crimes such as murder, robbery, aggravated assault and vandalism.
Program effectiveness
We point to the effectiveness of general intensive foot patrol strategies. Unlike some...

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