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News Is Not Simply Reported By The Media, It Is Created By The Media Discuss

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"The 'content' of the newspapers is not fact about the world, but in a very general sense 'ideas'." Fowler(Roger Folwer - Language in the News - Routledge - 1991 - Pg.1)In today's society it would be naïve to assume that the news we receive is unbiased. It is safe to saythe facts are reported if someone is murdered, the story maybe covered in the news, but the placementof the piece, emotive language used, duration or any other factors involved would immediately informthe audience to the merit of the story. In effect dictating to the viewer the version of reality 'they.,' themedia/government want us, the audience to see. The factors that govern what is reported are newsvalves and as it is recognised that this code of conduct exists we can, I personally feel, say that themedia can, and does, reflect the political agenda or climate.The question of the news being created has been a topic of discussion since the dawn ofmedia studies. There are several different political theories or traditions of thought. The three I havechosen to concentrate on are the liberal, Marxist and pluralist theories. All to some extent see societyas maintainable, they agree that the structure of society can be altered not by personal level events butby major structures, such as legalisation and reform. To understand each theory better we must firstlook at how each theory or idea is applied to our society and in this case the construction of the news,starting first with liberalism. This body of thought was established by the end of the eighteenth-century.It's economic theories favour the development of capitalism, seeing society as a group of 'rationalindividuals in pursuit of their self-interest.' Direction from the state is not needed, it's job is merely toprovide 'external defence and internal order'. James Curran wrote:"A view of society as a system of class exploitation gave way to a new definition of reality in which different sections of the community were portrayed as being independent, with shared interest in common. The portrayal of labour as the source of wealth was replaced by the portrayal; of 'profit' as the mainspring of the economy."( Ed. James Curran - Mass Communication as a social force,in the media: Context of Study - Open University - 1997 - Pg.51)They believe that talent is rewarded in a society where people are free and equal, the state ismerely there to regulate the individuals personal freedom. The mass media is seen as accurate andreliable, run by groups of talented entrepreneurs, it should not be state run, but if necessary, sensiblyregulated. Pluralism takes a more simplistic approach it depicts the message of the media as a circuitfrom 'society as source' to 'society as audience' it doesn't believe news is created it accepts newsvalues exist but hold them as a reflection of current public attitudes. The news is not 'constructed' themedia, having no power, being used only to confirm and uphold the preconceived beliefs of society. SirNick...

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