News Media The Essence Of A News Organisation

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Time of great change brought on by technology - redefining journalists role and news organisations products"h 'We are living in the "late age of print," as new media scholar Jay David Bolter describes it, a time when words printed on paper are being replaced by words flashed on computer screens. In this early stage of new media, we are still in the process of discovering the shape journalism will take in a new age.' From Christopher Scanlan's 'The web and the future of writing', June 2000."h 'Mono-media is dead. The creative product of your newsroom is going to multiple platforms. The packaging of the news product has to be multipurpose -- for broadcast, the web, the cell phone, the PDA, the bathroom mirror.' From Nora Paul's 'Putting the technology tools to work', Feb 2000.Changing routine in news consumption"h Move away from traditional one source of news like a daily paper and evening news. No longer have clearly defined 'we', 'them' and 'us' of media production and consumption (Trench paper). Market research work from ITN in UK revealed that people look for news headlines from online services (equivalent of news wires really), but still like terrestrial tv and radio for background and detail on stories all provided in familiar format."h How people access new: range from newspapers, radio, tv, email, internet, mobile phones, interactive tv, PDAs (palm pilots)."h Quality issues: web provides a platform for anyone to publish anything, and people have access to material previously unavailable eg: press releases.Globalisation"h Broadcasters don't have to be located in country they're broadcasting to eg: ITN Worldwide news provided for PBS in US."h People are more mobile (travelling abroad for work and leisure) and have interest in what's happening worldwide."h Global economy: oil price rises affect cost of fuel in Europe and spark fuel blockades which bring Britain to a standstill.User expectations"h Increase in breadth of information expected and wanted. What a level of control over what they see when. Redefinition of what is thought of as news eg: 'Big Brother' experiment over the summer."h Get information when, where and how they want: expectation that all accounts of breaking news will appear speedily, eg: Paddington rail crash"h Want to interact with those making the news, to have their say on events: eg: in the last year BBC News Online have held online interviews with NATO spokespeople and the Dalai Lama. These compliment the live phone ins on World Service radio. BBC News have also offered viewers the opportunity to comment on current affairs programmes."h Librarians: redefining our roleResearch"h Develop a collaborative relationship with journalists. Find out what they're planning in terms of new media ventures and get in there from the start. Show how you can help with adding a CAR (computer assisted research) element to newsgathering and reporting by providing access to databases and training journalists in how to use spreadsheets and...

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