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News of a Kidnapping, written by Mr. Gabriel Jose Garcia Marquez is an extraordinary book that exposes the kidnappings of journalists in Colombia by the Extraditables; a group organized by drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in Literature (1982) Marquez is an international best-selling author. Native to Aracataca, Colombia, he understands the issues that affect South Americans and uses those issues as backdrops in his books.

His maternal grandparents raised him and filled him with history, folklore and superstitions that are found within the lines of his books. He was educated at the University of Bogota. In Colombia, he worked as a reporter for the El Espector, where he earned famed by writing a serious of articles that exposed the facts behind a Colombian naval disaster (1955). He has worked as a foreign correspondent in Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Caracas and New York. Mr. Marquez is the author of many novels and collections of stories, writing both fiction and nonfiction.

One Hundred Years of Solitude, incorporates the Banana Strike Massacre that was officially denied and struck from the history books by the government. The Banana Strike occurred in 1928. The United Fruit company was exploiting the Colombian banana workers. In October of 1928, over 32,000 native workers went on strike, demanding hygienic working conditions, medical treatment, functioning toilets, and payment in cash rather than inflated company scrip. The demands were ignored and the workers were denied as employees. The Colombian government used the military as "strikebreakers" and one night a group of strikers assembled in the "banana zone" and shot by Colombian troops; hundreds were killed and some simply vanished. Marquez's own grandfather

delivered a letter to Congress denunciating the murders; he was a Liberal veteran of the War of a Thousands Days. So naturally this would inspire Marquez's writing. One Hundred Years of Solitude earned him the Nobel Peace Prize in Literature. Shortly after the Banana Massacre came the la violencia, or "the Violence."

"The Violence" stemmed from the banana massacre. This was a time when the government was brutal and corrupt. There was one politician who stood against the corruption, a young Liberal who was a member of Congress, Jorge Eliécer Gaitán. He convened meetings to investigate the Massacre and this gave him popularity among the poor and peasants. His views caused a spilt in the Liberal party and the Conservative Party gained power. Fearing a coup from the Liberals, the Conservatives organized paramilitary groups to terrorize Liberal voters. The paramilitary groups killed thousands of people by the end of 1930. Despite all of the terrorism, the Liberals gained power back with a record turnout in 1947. Jorge Eliécer Gaitán was again in charge of the Liberal Party. Unfortunately, he was assassinated in April 1948. This began the period known as el Bogotázo. Cities...

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