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News Report: Students Clean Up Waterfront

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Last week, high school students won a contest. The reason the students were in a the contest, was because they were participating in a Earth Day event.Students from Erindale Secondary were participating in a clean up Nature Contest. The school that collected the most garbage would receive $ 3000. The students ...view middle of the document...

It was early last week that this contest took place. Over 40 other schools were involved in the event. How the event worked was each school was to pick a local location and clean up as much garbage as possible. The students collected the garbage in plastic bags. At the end of the day all garbage collected was brought to te school and collected by the Nature comity.The later on that week the comity told Erindale that they had collected the most garbage. "Im glad the students spent their time doing something good for the community." Principle Wayne was overheard saying.The school was awarded their prize in the school cafeteria by the Nature Comity. "It's good now that the school has extra money to spend." Mr.Sam one of the teachers was herd saying.The comity hope that by introducing this contest more school will participate in simular events.

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