Newspaper Article Analysis

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Newspaper Article Analysis

Title: “Official: Radiohead makes kids think of death (and ice cream)

The article focuses on childrens perceptions of music by Radiohead who
are known for being a depressive band but others say ‘creative
geniuses.’ If the media changes trends and perceptions then what
effect can one bands’ songs have on an individual. ‘Those social
stimuli that are the products of the behaviour of other people
essentially constitute culture.’ As stated by Segall, culture relates
to perception and generalisation of this can depend on age, wealth and
country. The children, aged ten years old from California, USA
listened to Radiohead tracks and then drew their impression of the
songs showing what perceptions were created from the stimuli.

The children requested ‘Sean Paul instead’ but were told to listen to
Radiohead so forced compliance (Festinger and Carlsmith) may have
caused them to cognitively ‘switch off’ and draw anything which is why
pictures such as ‘Aliens, church organs and McDonalds fries’ were
created. The negativity of the situation by not being allowed their
music may have caused dissonance as the children try to make sense of
the consequences and the effect on their arousal level (Cooper and

These children were used as they are “the best way to get honest
reactions” about a band which already has strong opinions formed about
them due to media coverage. But the children may not have wanted to
get the ‘answer’ wrong so helping behaviour, echolalia, and
self-fulfilling prophecy were used by copying their neighbour ‘the
girl next to him starts to copy’ to try to get the answer the teacher
wants. The social psychology here demonstrates how behaviours are
reflected on to other people who then start to show the same feelings
through body language, ‘the hold your head in your hands look is
extremely popular.’ A psychological concept for this can be the
attribution theory (Fiske and Tayler) where a typical behaviour is
acknowledged so then appears acceptable to perform the same way.

Identify some psychological evidence that applies to the source?

The psycholinguistics of the relationship between language and mind
was displayed in this article. Morton says that logogens (key words)
can trigger associations or create connecting ideas, one picture shows
it is raining, based on the lyric ‘come on rain down on me,’ this
child then thought about what he does when it rains (stays inside his
house watching the rain was the basis of this picture) so ideas have
been created from a few lyrics. Many of the songs referred to negative
feelings for example ‘You'd kill yourself for recognition.’ so these
may have affected the drawings.

Savan investigated the effect music had on disruptive children. She
started to play Mozart during science...

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