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Newton's Negative Neglect Essay

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Newton's Negative Neglect
Isaac Newton faced many hardships in his lifetime, yet managed to be internationally famous for his genius mathematical and physical discoveries, and remarkable inventions. Newton was extraordinary in the sense that he was able to endure complications in life and still be an enormous success. The majority of individuals would have cracked under the predicaments Newton faced. Newton overcame neglect by suppressing his emotions, defeating limitations of his time, and becoming one of the most noteworthy mathematicians and physicists in history.
Isaac Newton had a tragic and unfortunate life ever since he was born. Three months prior to Newton’s birth, his father died. Then, when Newton was three years old, his mother left him with her parents in order to remarry to a wealthy rector, named Barnabas Smith. A few years later, his mother returned with three more children, and brought Newton back home to live with her and their new family. Newton went to school for next next couple years, until age fourteen, when he was told to drop out of school to assist his mother around the house and on the farm. It turned out Newton was not of any help around the house nor farm, because he was constantly busy reading. His mother then advised him to return to school (“Isaac Newton;” Gleick). After said events, his mother's second husband, Barnabas Smith dies as well. His mother then fled again, completely neglecting Newton's parental needs. Combination of all these events caused Newton to be on a constant emotional and physical edge, often crying and engaging in disputes and fights in school (“Sir Isaac Newton;” Hatch).
When his emotional and physical outbursts began interfering with his schooling, his social life
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began deteriorating and he became an outcast. Although his behavior did not affect his academic performances, it did spiral him into a deeper state of depression than he was in beforehand. Newton lost all his prior friends and morphed into a 'hermit' in a social aspect (“Sir Isaac Newton;” Hatch). This only further diminished his chance of being successful, and caused him to continue bottling his emotions.
Not only was Newton ignored and not given emotional attention, he also never received educational or academic support or attention either. His mother seemed totally unconnected to him and lacked all necessary parental behaviors. She felt as if Newton should quit education after high school and attempt to follow in his father's footsteps of being a farmer. Thankfully, Newton's ambitions were greater than that. When Newton was almost graduated from high school, his uncle, an undergraduate from Cambridge University, suggested to Newton and his mother that he go to Cambridge as well. Through his uncle's contacts and above average grades, Newton was accepted into Cambridge, one of the most prestigious universities in the world (“Sir Isaac Newton;” Hatch). Although his mother did not seem to appreciate his...

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