Newton’s Second Law Practical Practical Report

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10 Pre-SACE Physics

To find the relationship between Force and acceleration by applying Newton’s second law. This experiment measures the acceleration of the object

Independent Variable: The weight of the pulley
Dependent Variable: The acceleration of the car
Controlled Variable: The factors that remained same were cart and the distance in which trolley travelled.
Newton’s second law states that “An acceleration of an object resulting from an unbalanced force is proportional to that force or inversely proportional to the mass of the body”. In this experiment, The acceleration of the body is measured with the force impacting on its acceleration. These forces are the pulley according weight added

· 1 track,
· 9 x 10g masses plus holder,
· string,
· scissors,
· dynamics trolley,
· pulley,
· top pan balance,
· stopwatch.



· Set up the apparatus as shown above.

· The slope of the runway is adjusted so that the trolley runs at a constant speed down the slope when gently pushed (as judged by the eye). In this condition there is no resultant force acting on the trolley along the slope. The runway has now been “friction compensated”

· The mass of the trolley is measured
· The distance from where it is released to just before it hits the pulley is measured
· The system accelerated by the hanging masses consists of the trolley and the hanging masses.

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