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Next Presidential Candidates Should Assure Americans With Life Preservance And Property

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When a natural disaster hits, the American people need to be assured that the response will be swift, adequate and will preserve life and property. As 2012 approaches we need to reflect upon our options for the next presidential candidate. The democratic nomination will most certainly remain with current incumbent Barrack Obama. As for the republican candidate there is much talk sweeping the nation in regards to this nomination, however my feeling is that we can expect to see Sarah Palin taking the spotlight due to her popularity. As Americans reflect upon who should be the next leader of the free world; an import model to consider is presented by David Alexander in his piece “Symbolic and Practical Interpretations of the Hurricane disaster in New Orleans” In this piece we are encouraged to consider two models of leadership a “Hollywood Model” and a model of “Civil Protection. As Americans consider factual information and the trends of each candidate we can easily ascertain the “Civil Protection model is preferable and Barack Obama fits the bill where Sarah Palin consistently falls short.
Decision making can be a painstaking, involved process; and this is required to make an informed decision. Americans have a monumental decision to make in 2012. One must be well informed; it seems far too often people choose a candidate based on qualities that are absolutely irrelevant. As informed voters Americans should consider, experience, education and a strong moral compass. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Author David Alexander asks us to consider what potential models of leadership we as Americans want and what would be effective. “The “Hollywood” model, as one may call it, may be ridiculously simplistic but it is endlessly repeated in popular entertainment.” (Alexander) Let us consider a recent piece of information found in the New York Times “Sarah Palin and her daughter Bristol earned an eye-popping $100,000 for their new, In Touch Weekly cover, sources say. For just eight hours’ work at her own home, Palin pocketed nearly as much as her $125,000 a year salary as Alaskan Governor.” http// Well this is certainly a good representation of Alexander’s “Hollywood” Model. One should consider this almost irreprehensible that a political figure would concern him or herself with something as trivial as a gossip cover when they are tasked with the governorship of a state.
Moving on the more effective and admirable model of “Civil Protection” For good reason this model is Alexander’s preference and Obama fits this model with relative ease. The Model of Civil Protection is a network of government agencies, non-governmental organizations and the general public; Let us take into account the recent Crisis in Egypt. “The Obama administration has not asked Mubarek to step down, according to foreign policy, but has been giving “direct and honest” messages about expectations....

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