Nfl And Breast Cancer Awareness Essay

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NFL Breast Cancer Awareness
If many of you haven't noticed, NFL players and teams have been accessorizing in a variety of pink apparel this month and it’s not just coincidental. Three years ago the NFL teamed up with The Susan G. Komen Foundation, in a campaign that runs every October to raise Breast Cancer Awareness and encourage women 40 years and older to get their annual screenings. Of the 120 million Americans who watch football each week, about 40 million are women, making this an effective messenger of cancer awareness by the amount of viewers (
Each year NFL partners up with sporting brands including Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Gatorade, Wilson, Under Armour, Cutters Gloves, McArthur Towel and Sports and Longaberger having them create new pink merchandise for Breast Cancer Awareness games ( Aside from players wearing pink mouth guards, gloves, chin straps, caps, helmet decals, sweatbands, and cleats, the NFL incorporates pink into other elements of the game as well. Pink coins are used for the coin toss, game balls sport the pink ribbon decal, end zones are padded along the goal post in pink, and officials even sport pink whistles as well as pins (
The players and teams aren’t the only ones who can help raise awareness, the fans are encouraged as well. If you’re a fan at home you can purchase licensed NFL pink apparel online with a potion of proceeds going to the American Breast Cancer Society. “Fans can also bid on all the official pink equipment and clothing used in the games and worn by their favorite coaches and players, which will be auctioned off after this month in order to raise more money for this cause (” In 2010, NFL Auction and the sale of pink items allowed the NFL to donate more than $1 million to the cause (
Other than purchasing pink merchandise and auctioning off items, youth and high school football leagues can get in on the pink too. On the NFL Pink website you can download a PDF with ideas and suggestions on how teams in the community can get involved with this campaign by designating one game in October to Breast Cancer Awareness. They suggest you wear pink gear and name the game in honor of someone from the school or community who has successfully fought, or been lost to Cancer ( This campaign, called “A Crucial Catch” also suggests adding $1-$2 on admission to be donated towards Cancer research, along with facts, key elements to include, and other awareness-building activities (
EA Sports also joins up with NFL in their Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. The most popular NFL football video game franchise of all time, Madden NFL Football also promotes breast cancer awareness during October by injecting the same pink apparel fans see their favorite players wear on Sunday into the video games that gamers are playing. While the game does a great job of raising awareness through normal game play modes and online play, it does an even...

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