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Nfl Combine Essay

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There is a considerable amount of controversy within the NFL whether or not the NFL combine is necessary for future athletes coming out of college to perform in or not. This competition between athletes does not predict their professional future on a large scale. It only gives NFL teams, scouts an inside look on certain athletes that may enhance their team. After the combine is finished, it is never looked at again by the player’s team scouts. The original use of the combine is to obtain all of the medical exams of the players taken at this event. The workouts and test are just a bonus for NFL team representatives to take a look at the players themselves. When an athlete enters ...view middle of the document...

You are expected to be on time and ready to perform at your best every day of your career. For a majority of athletes it is difficult for them to cope with their busy schedules and for some athletes cases have time with their families. They are expected to be on time for any team event just like you are expected to be on time for any event in an ordinary job. You still get paid like any other job, whether it is monthly or every two weeks. “Average athletes in the NFL will receive an annual salary of three-hundred thousand dollars.”As said by the NFL’s executive commissioner Roger Goodell. Any amount past that point is ultimately decided by the team’s owners and coaching staff.
While these players do make a considerable amount of money they budget just like the rest. The NFL keeps an eye on what their athletes are taking place in, off the field. The purchases of these athletes are also monitored as well. Athletes are famous for living a little more extravagant than the rest. These purchases predict the rest of their lives whether it is in season of football or not. Seventy-eight percent of all NFL athletes file for bankruptcy within the first five years of being in the NFL (What to Know, 4). Their mindset is the amount of income that is rolling in will continue on an annual schedule. While they are in the off season they tend to forget that the amount of money they receive will not be near as much as in the official season because they are not playing on a weekly schedule.
NFL athletes do need to have an education just like anyone else. You cannot show up one day and just magically know how to play football. These players have experience and have college degrees of some sort. The percentage of athletes with a college degree is fifty percent so in the end half of all NFL athletes have college degrees (College and Pro Athletes, 2). It will show in any career that you have that education of the highest order will guarantee better payment. Above all else it will help you in the long run because you have the knowledge you need to succeed in life.
With any...

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