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Nfl Concussions Essay

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Concussions occur in every sport and the issue is now becoming a debated topic within the field of sports. Concussion symptoms are typically obvious but some symptoms are more subtle. If a player decides to continue playing with a concussion or has a frequent history with concussion he or she is endangering themselves to more serious injuries. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that alters primary functions in your brain (Concussions). Visualize a person driving a car without a seatbelt into a wall. When the vehicle stops, the driver continues moving forward, and that is what occurs to the brain during a concussion. The effects of a concussion are usually short-term, but can sometime take months for a person to recover. Problems that can occur from concussions include throbbing headaches, a loss of concentration, repeated vomiting or nausea, short-term memory loss, poor judgment, and loss of balance and hand-eye coordination. An athlete must be removed from play if they are suspected of having suffered a concussion.
I personally have first-hand experience when it comes to having a concussion. I had my first concussion when I was seventeen. I was playing for my high school basketball team and I was fighting for a rebound against another player, then I blacked out. After that moment the only thing I could remember from that point was sitting on the bench getting evaluated by the trainer. The trainer explained to me that another player elbowed me in the head. My team won the game and they told me I scored fifteen points, ten rebound, and three blocks. To this day I have no recollection of one best game I ever played. The recovery process was very challenging and painful. I had showed many very common symptoms; I had repeated vomiting, my eyesight was very sensitive, I had loss of appetite, and I could only remember things that occurred in the last month. It took me three week to pull a full recovery.
Recently over 2000 former NFL players are suing the NFL on the grounds of not notifying players of the dangers in the sport and the long term health risks of...

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