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/Rules 425 April 2013Essay 4NFL new rulesThe NFL is cracking down on hard hits and is trying to make the game safer. The NFL should not have any rule changes because players should be able to play the way they grew up to play, teams and players get penalized and fined for unjust reasons, and the game will be less exciting. In the last few years, NFL players have been getting injured due to illegal hits. In addition, the owners of NFL teams had meetings and changed rules due to many injuries of players. Jarret Bell, writer for USA Today, explains the rules that define defenseless players as the following: a quarterback in the act of throwing, receiver trying to catch a pass, a player fielding a punt or kick, and a player on the ground (Bell). The NFL tries to defend the quarterback position the most because the quarterback position is one of the most important positions in the game. When the quarterback is going to pass the ball, his eyes are looking down field, and he can get sacked from a member of the defense because he does not see him. The point of the defense is to disrupt the offense and stop them, but there are times where the quarterback releases the ball right before he gets hit and it doesn't count as a sack. Unfortunately, there are usually flags thrown because the referees would call a late hit or unnecessary roughness on the defender, and the team would be penalized. Kickoffs are plays that can be exciting parts of the game but also very dangerous parts the game. Before the 2011 season, the ball was placed on the thirty yard line and was kicked to the opposing team, so they can return it. Accordingly, kickoffs are dangerous because the kicking team goes for the man who is returning the ball at full speed, and both the returner and the defender end up colliding into each other hard, which results in injuries. Also, players have been injured by receiving blocked on their blindside because the player is coming at him at full speed. In 2011, the NFL changed the rule and placed the ball at the thirty-five yard line. Placing the ball affects the game because there are less plays that are able to be returned. Of course, most balls sail out of bounds into the end zone. Hutchinson, writer from the Bleacher Report, illustrates that, "while the rule change will not eliminate returning kicks completely, kickers will now be able to reach the end zone with greater ease, thus resulting in a anti-climatic whole play" (Hutchinson). Moreover, the NFL also added replays so that the referees can see if players make illegal hits or not. That affects the game because it is hard to stop oneself in real time and protect oneself in full speed. Changing rules just makes the players more decisive and slows the game down.The NFL should let the players play how they were taught to play because they grew up playing football. They all know that hitting is a big part of football. The NFL is changing the way the game is played. It is hard for players to adjust...

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