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Nfl Player´S Safety Essay

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American football has been around since the early 1900's. The players tackle each other until one is on the ground. Football has always been a full-contact sport. Throughout the years injuries have stayed part of the game and the NFL has taken their time to increase player safety. The NFL should increase player safety because of the injuries have occurred. Some of the injuries may be lifetime injuries. Serious brain injuries have been linked to football as, well as heart issues and other permanent heath problems.
In any sport there will be injuries, however with the NFL the risk of getting injured is higher than any other sport. Players in the NFL are likely to get a concussion. It could be the physicality of the sport. Football has a long history with physical contact. To avoid injuries, the NFL has been changing rules and modifying player equipment, for safety. When the NFL was introduced in the 1920's player safety was in the creator's mind; there were only 14 teams, the uniform was made of thick wool, and helmets were not mandatory. The head injuries were gruesome; concussions to cracked skulls were the injuries players would suffer. The injuries became serious enough for the NFL to increase player safety. In 1930's helmets became mandatory. Even though players were able to wear helmets, the helmets were leather, and had no facemask. By the 1950's the NFL was changed, the overtime quarter was born and players were wearing hard plastic helmets. It was not until the 1950's the NFL made the plastic helmets mandatory. Concussions have been a part of the NFL since the beginning of the sport. In August of 2013 the NFL agreed to pay $765 million to settle a lawsuit brought by more than 4,500 players and their families. New York Times reporter Ken Belson wrote, "The league has changed its rules to make the game safer and modified its medical protocols for concussions as mounting scientific evidence in recent years linked head trauma sustained on the field to long-term cognitive damage. Among the terms of the agreement is that the settlement is not to be regarded as an admission of guilt by the league." The NFL knows of the dangers the players are in. The rules change but the equipment increased. Without more or better equipment the players are still in danger. In a PBS Frontline documentary about injuries in football Dr. Robert Stern said," In football, one has to expect that, almost every play of every game and every practice, they're going to be hitting their heads against each other. That's the nature of the game. Those things seem to happen around 1,000 to 1,500 times a year. Each time that happens, it's around 20 g or more. That's the equivalent of driving a car at 35 miles per hour into a brick wall." The players in the NFL know the risk of playing but it is up to the NFL to make the sport safe for the players. Many people may argue that since the players know the risk and they are paid for their athletic performance is ok. However you...

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