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Nfl Players Should Support The Recently Modified Safety Rules

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In the past four years, the National Football League “NFL” has made several changes to the NFL rulebook advocating safety by adding rules and implementing fines on players who fail to follow these policies. Rules such as the two-a-days ban, kickoff return rule change, helmet to helmet contact fines, requirement of NFL players to use the HITS System, and banning of players to return to playing football the same day they received their concussion were examples of measures taken by the NFL that promote safety. Although most of these players oppose the reformed rules, the NFL executives support these rulings feeling it reduces the amount of serious injuries. It is imperative for the NFL to retain its recently added safety rules, since it will reduce the amount of concussions or serious injuries experienced by football players.
It used to be that National Football League “NFL” teams participated in two-a-day practices. (Thomas) Most two-a-days practices feature five hours of on field practice time. These practices were primarily used to condition football players in the summer. Negative effects caused from these practices were fatigue, heat exhaustion, and injuries due to the players increased play time. Heat exhaustion was common in these practices, due to the fact that football players were exposed to excessive amounts of heat. Heat exhaustion proved to be costly, when it was found that five football players died as of a result in participating in these two-a-days practices. (“USA Today”) This sent a wake up call to the NFL that they needed to implement safety on this issue. After the NFL realized that the two-a-days intervened with player’s safety, the NFL restricted the players to 2.5 hours of on-field practice time. The NFL players have mixed opinions on this rule. The players who are against the rule feel that their decreased time spent on-field practice restricts their preparation for games. (Newberry) The majority of the players however support the two-a-days ban. Out of the NFL, the St. Louis Rams is considered to have the most players who support this rule. St. Louis Rams football player, Ron Bartell and other Rams players feels that this rule reduces fatigue and preserves energy. (Thomas) Out of the America football leagues, only the NFL has a ban on these types of practices. College and High school football don’t have restrictions on two-a-day practices. The Virginia Tech college football team, however have band on this type of practice. By having this ban, the Virginia Tech football team has reduced helmet collisions by 25%. Even though Virginia Tech eliminated two-a-day practices at their school, they still have remained competitive, due to the fact that they have played in three of the previous four Orange Bowls. (“USA Today”) Despite all of the negative effects caused from two-a-days, high school and college football continue to have these practices. The Virginia Tech two-a-days ban proves that this ban doesn’t...

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