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Nfl Safety Development For Players And Officals

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American football in the past several years have really developed, not only from the fans perspective but also from the players and the official heads. Safety is the most important topic talked about in all sports but it is a must in football, especially because of the way the game is played with all of the tackles and hits. It is really important not only for the players to be safe but also the officials to keep it safe. Both players and officials play a key role in making the game of football safe and interesting to watch for the fans and a great experience for the players as well. As said in the Denver Post, players are expected to play with the rules…coaches are expected to teach…and game officials to emphasize the rules. The game of football, in the NFL, is safer than it has ever been because of the rules, penalties and the equipment.
First, the rules that are enforced are a great way of making the game safe for the players. There are rules like, not being allowed to tackle certain ways. For example, if you tackle someone from the back by pulling them, then that is said to be an illegal tackle. It is also said that it is illegal for someone to pull on others facemask when tackling. There are many others rules that are enforced in the game. Another one is the rule that says, Head to Head is not allowed. What that basically is that you cannot tackle someone by contacting your helmet to the opposing player. This rule makes it greatly safe because it reduces the numbers of injuries that occur to the head and the neck. The head is the key part of the human body. When someone hits another player with the helmet in the head, it reduces the risks of concussion and that can result to serious and severe body failures, including being paralyzed. There are many other rules that allow players to do and not do certain things. What all of these rules allows for players is that it makes it safer to play the game. With the rules, players don’t have to worry about the risks they may face if there were to be no rules.
Secondly, with the rules come penalties. Penalties are sort of like punishments for breaking the rules. There are penalties that range within the game and outside of the game. Some of the penalties are like unsportsmanlike conduct. This penalty is enforced when a player starts a fight of grabs another player from the back or even as small as taunting other players. This penalty can result in penalties within the game, such as like yardage penalties. These penalties are when the team that the penalty is enforced on gets a penalty to move back 15 yards which makes it harder for the team to proceed to score. Another penalty is a personal foul. This penalty is enforced when a player hits another player after the play is dead, or when a player grabs another player’s facemask when tackling, and the last...

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