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Nfl Safety Rules Essay

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Everybody has watched an NFL game and has seen a big hit before. That is one of the reasons why people love the game, but the NFL is trying to make the game safer with safer equipment and making new rules but some people believe it is ruining the sport. With the new rules there will be fewer injuries, players will have to adjust how they play, and it will affect the audience and their views on the sport. With the new safety regulations and the safer equipment there will probably be fewer injuries in the NFL and in any game from College to High school or even little league.
The game of football has become safer over the past few years and is helping cut down the risk of injury. Not only are they safer during they play with the new safety technology they will be healthier after they play as well. Aikman praised the NFL for its recent decision to run baseline tests on all players in training camp so the league can later determine if their brains have been damaged from hits to the head.(“Aikman…”). With the new testing players be better equipped and prepared before and after their football careers. Many football players get brain injuries which is why they need to have better safety equipment. In any given season, about 20% of high school players suffer brain injuries (“Lanham”). The safety equipment is becoming way more advanced as well. Helmets are getting better, but it’s more effective at protecting the skull than the brain inside (“Death of Football…”). The Children’s Sports Athletic Equipment Safety Act comes in light of the fact that there are no federal guidelines for both new and used helmets that formally test against the forces believed to cause concussions (“Lanham”). The new safety equipment can’t protect everything though so they also have to adjust how the players play the game with new rules.
With the new safety rules in the NFL players and referees so they won’t break the rules. If a player another player illegally then they will be fined and maybe even kicked out of the game. Many defensive players have hit quarterbacks without being penalized, but then later were fined by the league for up to $12.000 (“Tougher…”). The NFL has been cracking down on the hits as well and been fining players more than usual. This year the NFL has apparently seen a lot of those hits handing out more than 300 fines this season, what used to be a rare occurrence now makes headlines every week (“Criticism…”). It’s harder now for players and referees to judge plays now. Tim Green’ says the new rules have been so selectively enforced, that players and officials no longer know a good, clean hit from a dirty one (“Tougher…”). Now especially players have to adjust their whole playing style now. Mr. CHRIS HARIS (Carolina Panther Player): Within the game I’ve had a play where I thought about it, getting ready to hit somebody, and I was like, man, they’re fining people for everything, and it affected the I tackled someone, and I actually thought about that...

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