Nhs, Strategic Growth And Plans For The Future

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INTRODUCTIONNHS is one of the largest organisations in Europe and came into existence about fifty years ago. It is one of the kind, state run and not for profit establishment which promotes direct primary and secondary care..NHS is a major resource consumer and also the nation's most extensive employer. It could be called a primary service on the basis that it is not only professional but also labour intensive and high grade service carried out by specialists such as Doctors or Nurse. Paramount significance is given to patients and patients are therefore the highest priority.The National Health Service or NHS as it is more commonly known was set up on the 5th July 1948 to provide healthcare for all citizens, based on need, not the ability to pay.The NHS is mainly funded by the tax payer and run by department of health which sets specifications and guidelines on health issues..It was launched as a single organization based around 14 regional hospital boards. This new NHS was originally split into three parts:hospital servicesfamily doctors, dentists, opticians and pharmacistslocal authority health services, including community nursing and health visitingIn 1948, NHS went through a drastic change in respect to the organizational structure and in regard to the services provided to the patients. This was a monumental task to make health services available to all citizens which mainly fell into the system of public finance and public provision.Two key factors that governed NHS was that there should be equal basis to treatment for all based on clinical needs regardless of patients monetary circumstances. Secondly, collective funding of NHS through national taxation is the most effectual way to ensure that quality health care is available to all on the grounds that paying for all health care expenses is beyond personal financial means.Looking at how well NHS has progressed In U.K we could say that they have shown significant enhancement in the last seven years. After decade of underinvestment NHS has begun to realize and adopt inimitable increase in the money it can afford to spend. It has grown its budget from £33 Billion to roughly about £67.4 Billion and average per capita of the general population has gone up from £680 to £1,345. this money has been channelised to serve patients providing greater, reliable and more accurate and convenient health careThe NHS is totally reconfiguring its way of working and the diagram below demonstrates how new structure works in England..Department of HealthThis department has its key objective as bringing about improvement in the health and well being of the general population, concerned with the overall welfare. The dept of health has in the recent past launched a program designed to make sure that they provide leadership and as well as social care. Its main duty comprises ofSetting an overall mission, vision and objectives and transformation of NHS and social care.Setting national standards...

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