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Niagara River Essay

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I) Intro

The Niagara River is the river which connects two great lakes together and is located in Ontario, Canada. It connects Lake Ontario to Lake Erie. A landform which is located around here, that you may be familiar with, is the Welland Canal which is used so that ships can bypass the falls. The Welland Canal first opened in 1829, and this version of the Canal was dug by hand. The Canal has been widened and deepened over time, and the last alteration to it was made in 1959. It is run by the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation, and has allowed ships to bypass the amazing Niagara Falls that are found in the Niagara River, as well as the rapids on the river. (1)

The Niagara River flows from south to North and therefore flows from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. The Niagara River also runs into the United States of America in some places. The total length of the river equals to fifty-eight kilometers. The River changes at certain points along its journey and becomes two rivers. This occurs at Grand Island. Here, the Niagara River turns into the West and the East Channel. The West Channel is known as the Canadian or the Chippawa Channel, and the East Channel was named the American or the Tonawanda Channel. (2)

The Niagara River is very unique in the way that it drains water along the ninety-nine meter elevation drop down which it flows. The water drained differs according to the time of the day and the season as some water is diverted to create hydroelectric energy. The volume of water during the day over the Niagara Falls when it is tourist season, April 1st to October 31st, must not be less than 2,832 m3/s. During the winter months, anything not in the tourist season, the water flow over the Falls must not be less than 1,416 m3/s. Any water that is not going over the falls is diverted and is used for hydroelectric power. This is part of the “Niagara Treaty” which was signed in 1950 by Canada and the U.S. (2)

The Niagara River runs along many cities that are important in Ontario, and these cities are dependent on the hydroelectric power that the Niagara Falls produce. These cities fall into different areas along the Niagara River. There is the Upper River, the Grand Island, and the Lower River. The Upper River Region is in the south and the Lower River is in the North. (3) The most notable cities in this area these: Niagara on the Lake in the north, and Niagara Falls in the Grand Island Region. Near the Niagara River is the large U.S. city of Buffalo. (1)

The Niagara Falls are part of the Niagara River, and some people’s opinion the most important part of the river, and in Mohawk this means the neck of the river. (4) Many people consider this the most important part of the river because of its potential to convert fast-moving water, from the falls, into energy, as well as the tourism potential and the money that this brings. The Niagara Falls is the collective name for three different waterfalls on...

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