Nicaragua's Contemporary Global Issue Essay

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Nicaragua’s Contemporary Global Issue
Modernly, there are several social and environmental issues facing Nicaraguans. Pollution, civil war, and unjust poverty affect the lives of Nicaraguans everyday. Furthermore, Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. (Malnutrition, 2011) One result of this dismal reality is that many Nicaraguans, particularly children, living in rural areas of the small Latin American country suffer from malnutrition and malnourishment. In fact, nearly 27% of the population physically aches over the lack of food to maintain a healthy diet. (Malnutrition, 2011) The sad truth is that poverty is one of the principal causes of malnutrition not just in Nicaragua, but world wide. So what can we do to help alleviate malnutrition in third world countries? First off, it is essential that we know the facts before we attempt to make any big changes.
Although malnutrition and hunger are similar in meaning and are both imperative topics, they do have their differences. For example, the word ‘hunger’ can be used to stress one of three phrases: “exhausted condition caused by want of food”, “the want or imperceptibility of food in a country”, or “a strong desire”. (Haerens, 2009) The concept of world hunger refers to the want of food in a country. However, malnutrition is a general term that suggests the inadequacy of nutritional elements that are fundamental to human health. (Haerens, 2009) Protein energy malnutrition is another reference to world hunger. (Haerens, 2009) On the contrary, undernourishment is the result of not having enough food to develop normally. (WordNet) A small percentage of Nicaragua’s population is also affected by undernourishment. Another current global issue is poverty: i.e. absolute poverty when you are unable to satisfy basic needs such as food, water, and shelter. (Haddad & Smith, 2000) It is clear that malnutrition, hunger, undernourishment, and poverty are all dreary topics. However, despite this, we must take the process of resolving these issues seriously or continue to live with the consequences.
The citizens among the Nicaraguan population that are more subject to malnourishment than others are those living in rural areas. People living in rural areas tend to have unhealthy diets, which is one factor that contributes to the high rates of malnutrition. Nicaraguans usually do not eat enough calories to sustain a healthy lifestyle. This is mainly because their diet consists primarily of carbohydrates instead of proteins. (Malnutrition, 2011) Part of the Nicaraguan population also suffers from vitamin and mineral deficiencies due to their substitution of processed foods for fruits and vegetables. (Malnutrition, 2011) Specifically young children are the ones not receiving enough nutrients by only consuming rice, beans, and corn. These foods are critical to the cash crop system which under certain circumstances can lead to poverty as well; Uncontrollable factors such as a...

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