Nicholas Sparks: His Life, Literature, And Impact On Today’s Society

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“I am nothing special, of this I am sure. I am a common man with common thoughts and I've led a common life. There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten, but I've loved another with all my heart and soul and to me, this has always been enough.” That is a quote from The Notebook, a famous book written by Nicholas Sparks in 1996. This quotation inspires people to have faith that love is the only thing in the world that they need. They need not have prosperity or fame. They simply need an individual to love with all their hearts for all eternity. The world is a place where love seems to somehow find its way through in the most difficult of times. Nicholas Sparks is a dedicated author, father, husband, and donor who sees that clearly and demonstrates that in his novels. To understand the genuine significance of Nicholas Sparks and his novels, one must know his background, the truth about what the critics think about his novels and his influence on today’s society.
Nicholas Sparks was born on December 31, 1984 in Omaha, Nebraska. Nebraska, although not usually associated with a vast population, has the sixteenth largest population of all states. Omaha is actually is the largest city in Nebraska. Nicholas Sparks was the middle child of Patrick and Jill Sparks. He has an older brother and a younger sister. Until the age of nine, Nicholas Sparks’ father was a student which meant that the family spent the majority of their time moving from place to place with very little money. “I grew up on powdered milk and potatoes, though to be honest, I never noticed how poor we really were until I was old enough to take an honest appraisal of things,” he recalls (“” 1). Even as a child, Sparks never really counted money as a necessity. He found that he could be happy without it by just having the love and affection from his family. Nicholas Sparks was raised as a Roman Catholic with his older brother and younger sister Danielle, who died at the age of thirty-three (“” 1). Nicholas Sparks is clearly intelligent based upon the language he uses in his books, but upon further research it was determined that Sparks was valedictorian of his class and accepted a full ride athletic scholarship to Notre Dame (“” 1). While studying there, Sparks met his future wife, Catherine Cote, on spring break from college and married her a year later (“” 1). However, their happy wedding was short lived. Just six weeks after the wedding, Sparks’ mother was killed in a tragic horse riding accident (“” 1). Despite the life changing events, life kept churning around. Sparks still needed to pay the bills and care for his newborn son, Miles. This is when Sparks started working on the manuscript for The Notebook (“” 1). This was his big breakthrough.
The Notebook was his first published novel and perhaps his most famous. The Notebook is a heart wrenching romantic novel...

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