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Creative Writing: The Live Of A Teenage Girl During The Nazi Regime

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Imagine for a moment that you are a simple teenage girl. You wake up in the morning, tired from staying up too late the night before. You have to mentally cerce your body to allow yourself to get out of bed and get ready to go somewhere, and this somewhere is the last place that you want to be. You dread spending your entire day inside the same building in which you find yourself every other weekday. You practically fall asleep in the shower, in your car, and at your desk. You can easily describe yourself in one word: Exhausted.
On your way to school you stop to get breakfast, you begin to realize that the price was a couple cents higher than it was when you came here for breakfast yesterday morning. “Taxes must be rising again,” you think. After breakfast, you get back into your car and start the engine. You take a deep breath and wonder what would happen if you decide not to go to school today. Your favorite song comes on the radio, and you let yourself become engulfed in the chorus. You decide that going to school is a must. You are distracted until the red and blue flashing lights reflecting in your rearview mirror pull you out of your trance; you suddenly realize that you are being pulled over. You begin to panic and diverge into the nearest parking lot. Your hands instantly turn diaphoretic. You begin to think quickly, but you are unsure of where you had been out of line. You hear a knock on your window and roll it down. “ License and registration,” the officer grumbles in a stern voice. Although you are still completely unaware of what you have done wrong, you politely oblige. The officer takes them back to his car, and after what feels like an hour, he returns and hands your belongings back to you. The officer then asks y0ou where you are heading, and you reply honestly that you are on your way to school. The officer nods and tells you to have a good day. Although you are confused, you realize how late you have become for class. You thank the officer and leave, very cautious of your speed.
Although you ended up missing your English class, you make it to your human ecology class just in time for the lecture to begin. As you walk in you hear your teacher addressing the class, “This project will help prepare you for being a mother.” Your teacher passes out a sack of flour and a pair of button eyes to everyone; you are enthusiastic that you get to choose a name for your flour baby and dress it however you choose. you learn that you will become responsible for the baby for the next two weeks. you discover that you are going to be graded on how well the baby is taken care of and the condition of the paper sack after the two weeks has ended. Next you go to history, and learn about the Bill of Rights. You find yourself slowly zoning in and out, because after all, you have been learning about this stuff for years. you think back to a teacher you had when you were younger who got fired for teaching against the government’s strict educational...

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