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We all know this world has had many wars, whether it’d be with another country or a civil war. We know since the beginning of time we’ve always struggled to survive to protect our lands. The United States broke away from the Crown in the Revolutionary war, won over southern states from Mexico, recovered from a brutal civil war, and saved the world from collapsing through two world wars. The US had some rough spots with war also, but the men and women who go to battle for us are all brave souls. The first in to the battle from the Revolutionary War to now, have been the Marines. You have heard of the saying “Semper Fidelis.” Well that stands for “always faithful”, another unofficial motto is “first to fight”. The motto of the Marines has been “Semper Fi” for almost three hundred years. They never back down and never give up. Marines will stare death in the face and won’t back down. They will head to battle with their brothers and sisters knowing that someone has their back as they have someone else’s. That sounds like a life style that I’d want to live.
This career is something that sparks my interest. I’ve always grown up around guns, I learned gun safety, and I enjoy being part of a team, from football, to basketball, to baseball, etc. I’ve learned that a team or family is the key to success. Don’t worry what someone else is doing, just trust that they’ll do their job and all you need to do yours. Yes, you should help them if they’re struggling, because that’s what a family does. Someone always has your back.
The reason why I chose this as my career is because Marines are elite soldiers and are the best at what they do. They hear the call for duty and are there with their battle uniform on, ready to stand and fight. They enhance your strengths, and help your weaknesses. A person may have an ability that someone else doesn’t have, so they can help them when they need it, just as they can aid in the same way. The Marines also focus on teamwork, and family, everything I’m used to and just want to continue to build up. The Marines also give a great sense of character. They may all be about defense and family, but they also help build skills for civilian life. The Marines also support schooling that allows a person to take classes while on duty. The Marines will keep soldiers on their toes and their skills sharp by implementing surprise drills and practice ops, to prepare them and their platoon for real combat. Overall the Marines single out everything that makes soldiers the best that they can be. I want to make a difference, an impact in the world. By being a marine, I believe I can do that.
The type of job that I’d be doing would be infantry, which is I’d be an assault asset with a rifle and side arm breaching buildings and completing high importance ops. There is more than just a few jobs, in the different branches of military; there are over a hundred and fifty different jobs per military group. There is medical fields, cooking, mechanics,...

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